Ten on Ten ~ A little of what I was up to today

Ten on Ten project was started over at a little bit of sunshine.   Basically, you are documenting your day in pictures – 10 pictures on the 10th of every month.  We are all so busy these days so one day it’s nice to make yourself focus on what you were doing that one day …..

Here’s how my day went…..

The Preppy Strawberry www.thepreppystrawberry.com

Coffee …… new creamer flavor this morning.  I’ve really need my coffee this past week …. my patient hasn’t been sleeping through the night and is making for some long days at work this week. 


The Preppy Strawberry www.thepreppystrawberry.com

finally ordered our new storm door!  We lost the last one in a winter wind storm …. notice the one light?  The door took off the light and sheared my flag pole right off along with mangling the old storm dorm!  So I’m up early and showered with my coffee waiting for the door installer’s to arrive!


The Preppy Strawberry www.thepreppystrawberry.com

My new best friend …… I’m spring cleaning!  All walls, baseboards, floor being washed.  It’s a challenging task … working doesn’t allow me a lot of time to keep up so instead of stressing out I’m taking a couple of rooms each day.  Today, I tackled the stairs and entrance way.  3 rooms down ….. Too many more to go =(



The Preppy Strawberry www.thepreppystrawberry.com

Breakfast with the iPad and homemade Oreo cookie!  Like I said it’s all about the calories 😉  Check out the homemade Oreo cookies recipe.


The Preppy Strawberry www.thepreppystrawberry.com

12:30 today she said I’m starving!  So she actually wanted food today!!!  So, we went up to DQ and she  drank her whole slushie and 1/2 hotdog!  Woo Hoo!  The most she has eaten in a week!! 


The Preppy Strawberry www.thepreppystrawberry.com

Feeling a little better tonight….. all I heard was clomping coming from upstairs someone was digging in my shoe closet …. I’m glad her energy is coming back!  Forgot, I even had these shoes! haha!  See how much I get out anymore!


The Preppy Strawberry www.thepreppystrawberry.com


after eating 1/2 her grilled cheese and chicken noodle soup for dinner I figured she was up for a treat…  mommy treated her to Menchies! 


The Preppy Strawberry www.thepreppystrawberry.com

1/2 way through her yogurt treat she put her head down ….. her throat hurt too bad to finish.  I feel so bad for her!  She’s been such a trooper but having your tonsils out is no fun!! 


The Preppy Strawberry www.thepreppystrawberry.com

I felt bad she didn’t want her ice cream ….  I bought her some menchies pins for her backpack.  That got me a smile! 


Kit Kittredge: An American Girl (Blu-Ray) Blu-ray



Then we ended up watching our favorite American girl movie ….. 


 ten on ten button







WW: Easter Traditions


Well, Hello Wednesday!  

I can’t believe we are all ready back to another Wordless Wednesday and that this is the last Wednesday of March 2013!  This year is really flying right by me! 

Here’s this weeks Wordless Wednesday picture ….. more coming in a blog post but last night we started are first ever påskris (Swedish Easter Tree)!  Here’s a sneak peek….


påskris - Easter Tree {The Preppy Strawberry}


Friday Features

I had this post scheduled for yesterday but I was finding it hard to post about a cute project, a holiday purchase, or the holiday project I worked on with Lilly’s class.  My heart is just breaking for those families that lost a child and loved one yesterday.  I can not wrap my arms around how someone could harm anyone let alone children.  Just remember to hug your children a little tighter and longer this weekend.  I know last night there was some discussion with other bloggers about what the blogging community can do to help the families of Sandy Hook Elementary.  As, I get more information I will share with all of you.  


hmmmm.. Friday features?  I wasn’t sure what to title this post but who knows maybe I’m onto something new?  
A  Friday Feature perhaps?  Do you have a post you want to share?  If interested in guest posting email me 


I’m so glad it’s Friday and that I finally can put this week behind me!  I’m a little behind on editing my posts because the flu struck me down for a couple of days this week.  My daughter was out of school since last Friday and just returned today so I was all off schedule this week!   

Last weekend, I made a couple of fun random purchases at a local antique store.  Why look who rode home with me?  I remembered having one of these Santa lights as a kid and I found one and it lights up!  Perfect…. best part Lilly loved it! 

Another fun find was this old beverage crate – not sure where it’s going or what I’m doing with it but I love it! 

Look how cute the elves turned out I made with my daughters 1st grade class…… how cute are these guys!! 

Perler bead bowls….. we made a few perler bead bowls this fall a post coming soon.  These make a great gift for the kids to give the grandparents! 😉 

While I was recovering the flu, I added some new fonts here are some of the ones I just added to my font library. 

Traveling Typewriter ( the font I’m using in this post)
Love me forever

Tomorrow, is the Christmas Extravaganza and my Lilly is dancing in it this year!  She’s super excited but it’s going to a very long day!  So look for some new photos this weekend on the blog and if you follow me on instagram I’ll be updating throughout the day tomorrow! 

Happy Friday! 
~ Amy

A sneak peek at what’s coming up this week…..

Hope everyone’s week is off to a great start ….. here’s what I’m working on for this week

Christmas Pinterest Party – Ever host a pinterest or GNO (Girls Night Out) craft night?  I just hosted a Christmas craft night here’s a peek at the project we worked on and this month we invited our girls to join us! 

Community Christmas Tree post – we just made animal friendly ornaments for a community tree at the park.  I’ll post all the details about what we made for our tree!  The event got canceled this year but Lilly and I headed over today and hung up some of the ornaments her troop made. 
Community Tree Ornaments

First Grade Christmas Project – A little Christmas craft I worked on with Lilly’s class today.   Each student got to “Elf themselves”  such a fun project and they all turned out super cute!  I can’t wait to see them hanging up in the hall!

The Preppy Strawberry

First Grade home work this week…. Decorate your Gingerbread to make him or her too sweet to eat!


Follow me on Facebook so you don’t miss an update ….. just saying you might want to stay tuned this week! 

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~ Amy

Countdown to Christmas…..

Can you believe it – It’s December 2nd already!!!  What happened to back to school, Halloween, and Thanksgiving?  I wish this year would just stop and slow down so I can try to  enjoy everything the holiday season.   I feel like I need to start planning or I’m going to enter  panic mode because the clock is ticking and time is starting to run out! 

How do you countdown the days to Christmas?  We use this countdown from Pottery Barn and I fill each day with a mini holiday Reese cup. 

IMG_0990 REV

Need some ideas for your own Christmas countdown –check out my Advent board on pinterest for some ideas.   You can find me on pinterest here – be sure to follow me – I’ll admit I’m addicted to pinterest!!  Are you? 

photo (2) REV

This year, I reserved a bunch of Christmas books from the library and we also wrapped up some of our Christmas books.  Lilly is super excited about this activity!!   She was begging me to unwrap a few early.  I told her she had to wait until Dec. 1.  Yesterday, we read Santa Kid – very cute story if you haven’t read it definitely a fun read. 

IMG_0952 REV

Some books we are reading this holiday season 

Here’s a list of what we are reading in the Christmas book countdown

  1. Bear stays up for Christmas / Karma Wilson
  2. Mr. Willowby’s Christmas tree / by Robert Barry
  3. SantaKid / James Patterson
  4. Merry Christmas, Ollie!
  5. Mortimer’s Christmas manger
  6. Christmas remembered / Tomie dePaola
  7. Junie B., first grader, jingle bells, Batman smells! : (P.S. so does May) / Barbara Park
  8. Olivia helps with Christmas / by Ian Falconer
  9. Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer / by Robert L. May
  10. How the Grinch stole Christmas, by Dr. Seuss
  11. How Santa got his job / by Stephen Krensky
  12. The mitten : a Ukrainian folktale
  13. A Christmas memory / Truman Capote
  14. Santa Claus : the world’s number one toy expert / Marla Frazee
  15. Where, oh where, is Santa Claus? / written by Lisa Wheeler
  16. Snowmen at Christmas / Caralyn Buehner
  17. The little drummer mouse : a Christmas story / by Mercer Mayer.
  18. It’s Christmas! / by Jack Prelutsky
  19. Dream snow / Eric Carle
  20. The Sweet Smells of Christmas/ Patricia M. Scarry
  21. Llama Llama holiday drama / Anna Dewdney
  22. Elf on the Shelf
  23. Fancy Nancy splendiferous Christmas /  Jane O’Connor
  24. Shhh/Julie Sykes
  25. Olive the other reindeer / Vivian Walsh and J.otto Seibold

wrapping books REV

busy wrapping her books….. all 25. 
 You have to learn to wrap so guess this is a perfect way to start! 

photo (56) REV

finished basket of wrapped books

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Tiny Prints Cyber Monday

Sharpie Tie Dye

Have you tried to tie dye using Sharpie markers? I know right, it sounds crazy!  Well, it’s actually pretty cool and an easy kids project!   Here are a few examples of how our shirts turned out during a play date with some friends a few weeks ago.  

Here’s what you will need: 

  • White or light colored t-shirt  (cotton shirt) 
  • Rubbing alcohol 70% or 90% isopropyl alcohol
  • Liquid dropper or spray bottle – we used a spray bottle 
  • rubber bands
  • Small plastic cup 
  • Variety of color sharpie markers 

A few tips – One writing on the shirts is a little difficult but using stencil might help. I found the shirts tend to pull which then moved the way the letters looked.

T-Shirts – a work in progress 

I tied the shirt up just like I was going to tie dye and then let the girls color in between the rubber bands.  Because the girls were anxious to see the design we took the rubber band off before we sprayed with alcohol – next time I will wait and remove the rubber band after we spray the shirts.

Drying your shirt – I hung the shirts on a hanger outside and let them dry for a few hours.  You just want to make sure they are not drenched when you toss in your dryer!

Here are some pictures of the finished shirts 

The girls definitely had a blast with this craft project and I highly recommend this craft!  

Check out more Tie Dye blog posts over at the Sharpie blog 

Time to Think Pink!!

Yes, it’s October and it’s breast cancer awareness month!  So in support of this month I turned my blog background pink and will be sharing some great links in support of breast cancer awareness   

Check out this great video from Geralyn Lucas author of  Why I Wore Lipstick To My Mastectomy –  click here for video – really puts it in perspective!  

Proud to be a Zeta and helping promote breast cancer awareness 

Candy Corn Ideas

Today, is the last day of The SITS girls fall back into blogging challenge.  The challenge today is to link up an old post from Sept. 28th one year ago.  Funny, I didn’t post anything that day but on the 27th in 2010, I posted about some fun treats to make with Candy Corn!  

So Today’s post is all about candy corn!  I’m linking up my old post about candy corn rice krispies – This are so yummy!! I highly recommend whipping up a batch one day! 

Here are some new ideas on using candy corn in your holiday decorations and cooking! 

How cute is this burlap candy corn banner?  Just so happens I have ton of burlap sitting in my craft room  so guess what I’m making this weekend?? 

check out my other halloween and candy corn ideas on my pinterest boards 

Fall Memories

Memories: Fall Back Into Blogging Challenge Day 3

This week it’s all about fall and I’m participating in The SITS Girls “Fall Back Into Blogging” challenge.  Today’s challenge is to write about a favorite fall memory. 

One of my favorite pictures from the fall of 2011 

As much as I am a summer girl my next favorite season is the fall!!!  I love the cool mornings and the new smell fall brings – from the crisp morning air to the evenings when you can smell a fire burning … Ahh, fall has arrived!!! 

As a kid, I loved the fall because it meant back to school which meant football games, dances,  watching the leaves turn colors.  I always wanted to get married in the fall and my month of choice was first two weeks in October.   Why you ask??  Well because the days still tend to be perfect warm days and the nights are just starting to get cold and my main reason is the leaves are so pretty this time of year.  (BTW – I got married the week before Christmas). 

My favorite memory was we always went to the fruit farm for apples and donuts.  My Grandma and Mom used to make homemade applesauce with the apples.   Which by the way is hands down the best applesauce ever!! 

As an adult, I still like fall for the same reason above but I also now enjoy decorating the house for Fall – adding mums to the planters outside and creating a new wreath masterpiece for the front door.  Which is something I need to get on ASAP because I’m running out of weekends!!  

What’s your one favorite thing about the fall? 

To highlight my fall memories …….

Crunchy leaves, crisp mornings, the leaves changing, having a fire on a perfect fall night (with a nice glass of wine), candy corn, candy apples, going to the fruit market, hayrides, haunted houses