Stenciled Tote Bag


{Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea}

Stenciled Tote Bags {The Preppy Strawberry}

This week is Teacher Appreciation week at my daughters school.   My original idea for teacher appreciation gifts completely changed because my daughter is still out of school recovering from having her tonsils removed last week. 

I always try to get the teacher something useful instead of something that just become clutter – My mom has taught school for over 23 years and I remember growing up all of the apple coffee mugs that were in our cupboard!  LOTS! 

My original plan was to put something small together each day and send to school – something fun but something to let her teacher know how much she is appreciated!  Can you imagine having 25 six and seven year olds every day!!  Yikes!!

The tote bag is the perfect size for an every day purse, a tote bag to toss your iPad, nook, or kindle in along with some note pads etc.  Or for a school teacher toss in your papers to grade, your lesson planner and misc. school items!

The bags caught my eye and I had them in my cart last month but ended up putting them back because I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with them? Other than I thought they were adorable!  Then a few days later this image was in my pinterest stream …. So you know where I went right?  There as my idea and I went back for my bags! 

The Apple Tag on the bag was a free printable form dimple prints.

I created my stencil on my cricut using freezer paper and then I stenciled each bag with everyone’s first initials. 


Stenciled Tote Bags {The Preppy Strawberry}


I think the bags turned out super cute!  I even made one for myself to start – just incase I didn’t like it at least I would be stuck with my initial 😉


Stenciled Tote Bags {The Preppy Strawberry}

This one I made for my mom – my Mom teaches 3rd grade and is also the after school teacher.  Lilly goes to after school almost every day because I work so we also gave Nana a teacher appreciation gift. 


Stenciled Tote Bags {The Preppy Strawberry}


Lilly’s teachers bag …..


Stenciled Tote Bags {The Preppy Strawberry}


Tag – printable from dimple prints

bag idea: Uncommon designs

Need some more teacher appreciation gift ideas?  Check out my pinterest teacher appreciation board.

We have one more teacher surprise but …. that will have to wait!  Stay tuned!

Happy Crafting!






Valentine’s Heart Tie Dye Shirt

Where did February go?  Well what I do know is that it flew right by me!!  February was a crazy busy month of work, sickness, and well not enough time in the day! 

This year my daughters class didn’t do the traditional valentines day boxes.  A few Mom’s volunteered and they made the felt envelope for each kid.  They turned out really cute but that also come with some disappointment of not making her own Valentines’ day box.  So in effort to over come that disappoint and tears we made Valentine’s Day Tie Dye shirts! 




washable marker

Tie Dye Kit – I purchased mine at Joann’s



Trace your design on the front with the washable marker.  I just used a Crayola marker. 


Trace your design and then after, we colored the hear in with red dye and then I tied up the rest of the shirt. 










{DIY} No Sew Quilt Wall Art Tutorial

No Sew Quilt Wall Art {The Preppy Strawberry}



Don’t let the word quilt scare you away!  This project involves  absolutely  no sewing!  If you have the patience to cut and glue fabric squares then this is the perfecting quilting project for you! 

Let me first say, I’ve never quilted before in my life but when I saw this project first pop up on pinterest it caught my eye!   I followed the directions from Amanda at Crazy Mom quilts  <—(click to see her tutorial on this project.)

I would love to make t-shirt quilt for my daughter one day.  I started saving t-shirts when my daughter was a baby.  As she outgrew a fun t-shirt, I stashed it away now after almost 7 years of doing this I have a nice little pile of random t-shirts.  hopefully one day they will all find themselves on a quilt!


 This project was super easy and lots of fun to make!  The hardest part was arranging the fabric pieces on the canvas – so with a little patience any one can do this project!  I bought a few extra canvases and might let Lilly make one for her bedroom. 


So you ready to make one? 



Follow the steps below and start creating your No Sew Quilt Wall Art!


Modge Podge ( matte finish)

Canvas ( 11X14) was the size I used

fabric scraps – cut up – any shapes and sizes!  Have fun with it! 


Step 1, I just set the fabric scraps on my canvas and I played with where I wanted to place my fabric. 

Project idea from Crazy Mom Quilts

No Sew Quilt Wall Art {The Preppy Strawberry}


Step 2 – You will need your modge  podge, scrap paper, and paint brush in this net step.  Here you are  going to glue the fabric to the canvas.  In this step, I glued all the pieces down first and let those dry .  Once it dries a little I went over each piece with modge podge and set it aside to dry


No Sew Quilt Wall Art {The Preppy Strawberry}


No Sew Quilt Wall Art {The Preppy Strawberry} 


Step 3, Final step, you are going to modge podge No Sew Quilt Wall Art {The Preppy Strawberry}on top of the fabric and let this dry completely. 



The Finished Project! 

Right now, it’s sitting on my mantle but will be moving to my craft room/ office very soon!!


No Sew Quilt Wall Art {The Preppy Strawberry}


Happy Crafting! 


Easy Kids Valentine’s Art Project

DIY Kids Valentines Day Art {The Preppy Strawberry}
If you are new  here – Welcome!!  If you’ve been following me for a while you know we like to craft and paint at our house! 
My daughter is becoming obsessed with art projects  and she loves to craft just as much as I do!! Pretty much any free time we have there is some project or drawing going on around here.  
I’ve always loved crafting and making things – even when the crafting idea wasn’t so cool I was crafting (thanks pinterest for making being so crafty cool … yes there is a little sarcasm in that statement… just a little bit ;)) 

DIY Kids Valentines Art

This project we made this past weekend and took about 30 minutes to complete.  We’ve had freezing temperatures this past week and schools have been either canceled or delayed do to the frigid temperatures!! Yes, it was –14 degrees the other morning!  Someone please pack my bags and move me south!!
Here’s what you will need to get started……….



1- canvas–  we used an 11X14 canvas
paints – I used the Joann’s brand acrylic paint – the bottle are around .59 cents a bottle
( We picked out mint green, turquoise, red, and a pink) – I had most of the colors on hand.  I wanted to make sure I added the blues because my mantle need a little more color than just red!)

paint brushes – we used the circle sponge brushes from this kit
Step 1:  We outlined the heart and then she started painting around it with the circle stencil brush.  We overlapped the colors in the painting process.  After, she had the entire canvas covered she filled in the heart with red paint. 

Valentines Day Kids Art Project { The Preppy Strawberry}
Valentines Day Kids Art Project { The Preppy Strawberry}
work in progress…
Step 2 – let your project dry over night. 
Valentines Day Kids Art Project { The Preppy Strawberry}
saw the idea here … and changed the project a little bit.
Finished project …
Valentines Day Kids Art Project { The Preppy Strawberry}
The mantle is a work in progress ….  Don’t mind the chalkboard which is turned the wrong way .. oops! 


Ribbon Key Fob Instructions

Every want to know how to make those adorable Preppy Ribbon Key Fob Key Chains? Well, you’ve stopped at the right blog! I used to make these and I still do! They make a great topper to any package, cute bridesmaid gift, or shower favor.

You can download my step by step tutorial along with where to buy your supplies!

I love comments so please let me know how you do! Or ask any questions!

If you have any issues with downloading the tutorial let me know!