Fancy Nancy Celebration!

Fancy Nancy

Today, I took my 3-1/2 year old to a Fancy Nancy Celebration Party at our local Barnes & Noble. Today’s story time was in celebration of Fancy Nancy: Poet Extraordinaire! All of the girls were to come in their frilliest Fancy Nancy inspired clothes. <—Seriously, how much fun is that! Okay, so maybe I was a little excited as well and I had a blast putting together Lilly’s frilly outfit! Good thing Ya-Ya and Aunt Tate already took care of some of the accessories from the past two Christmas’s. We already had the crown, boa, and the fancy nancy lace up slippers! So all that was left for me was the top and the tutu skirt! So here’s what I did- for the shirt I bought a light pink t-shirt at my local Hobby Lobby for $2.99!! Then I went to the fabric department and bought some pink frilly ribbon and I sewed it around the sleeves. I had in my craft chest at home the jewels that I glued around the collar and this I did with my handy hot glue gun! For the tutu, well that was easy for me! If you follow my blog you will know that I have The Preppy Bee Tutu’s! Yes, I started making Tutu’s for fun and dress up accessories and now we just launched an online Esty store and currently only have been sold in local/regional boutiques. The tutu I made to fit her and it was made of lavender tulle, pink,purple, white pom poms, and of course a bright pink bow in back! Okay, seriously, I love Fancy Nancy and her books! We have so much fun reading them so putting this all together was so much fun for me! My daughter was so excited today that she could barely finish her breakfast before she came flying into the bathroom while I showered and wanted to know when she could put on her tutu! The tutu up until today was off limits! As much fun as I had making the tutu I was not up for making a second one at the last minute! If you know what I mean 😉

For the past two years, we have received for birthday and Christmas Fancy Nancy books and it wasn’t until today that I talked to another mom and she told me about the Fancy Nancy Website! Oh, it is way cool and if you have a little princess you will need to check it out! Today, I downloaded the Fancy Nancy Paper doll page and printed it off on card stock. So far while I’m writing my post about the party she has been playing with the paper dolls!

I love comments and if you love Fancy Nancy in your house as much as we do I would love to hear about your frilly parties!

I’m just waiting now until I can plan the Fancy Nancy Birthday Bash! It looks like maybe that will have to be 5 or 6 because this year she has picked Little Mermaid <–yes, going be so FUN!! I already started planning my cake and decorations! Stay tuned!

Preppy Bee Tutu ~ online launch!

Please check out The Preppy Bee online store! I am in the process of launching the online store on Etsy for The Preppy Bee. Pardon the mess while I set up shop! In the next few weeks, I will have better pictures of the tutu’s online and being model by some little princesses. We have a photo shoot coming up so in the meantime please pardon our dust! 😉

The Preppy Bee offers custom Tutu’s for your little princess. You can select to purchase one of the tutu’s for sale on Etsy or you can select the custom purchase option and email me directly with your child’s waist size and what length you need! Something, new at The Preppy Bee are the Tutu Party Packages! {{Exciting.. I know, I’m trying to contain myself!!}} The basic Tutu package starts at $100.00 and this will include 12 one color tutu’s with your choice of a ribbon or ribbon streamers on your tutu. If you want to get creative and do a party theme or multi colored tutu’s then the party package price will be customized to meet your needs. Party packages and theme tutu’s that I’ve created … Strawberry Shortcake, Fancy Nancy, and Tinker bell to name a few off the top of my head. ** Please note that I need at least 3 weeks for the Party Package orders*** If for some reason you need to RUSH the order please let me know and based on current production schedule we might be able to accommodate your RUSH request but please email me in advance! I am so exciting about the online launch of Preppy Bee Tutu’s! Keep checking back!!!

{strawberry shortcake party tutu}

{sample of the Fancy Nancy Tutu I made for my daughter’s party}

The Preppy Bee

The Preppy Bee has gone online! I have been making tutu’s for years and it started as a fun thing to do and make for my little girl. I am now busy making tutu’s for upscale children and photography boutiques. I just opened up the online Etsy store yesterday and only have 2 posted right now but I will take custom requests. Currently, for any orders received online you will receive the sale price! So stop by The Preppy Bee and check it out!

WOW – Jan 28th?

I can’t believe it was Jan 28th the last time I posted anything! I think about my blog every day and I’m in my google reader blog hopping every day… So i have no excuse as to why I haven’t made a new post! This was my new years resolution to post something weekly if not daily. From this day forward, I promise! So, a little as to what’s been going on in my life the past few months. Sad, but true I’m still looking for the FT job =( ! I’ve never been more frustrated in my life with the job search! Keep your fingers crossed that one of these jobs I’ve recently interviewed for comes through this week! Besides looking for a job, my 3 1/2 year old keeps me busy each day! For those of you with kids you ….you will understand my next comment. Where do the days go? I can remember being single and laid off and I was completely bored!! This time I can’t tell you how many days/weeks just get by me and the last thing I can say is that I was bored! As many of you know I also started an online business Lillian Aerin & Co – this online boutique carries everything from personalized wedding favors, baby shower favors, unique kids items. If you haven’t stopped by the store please stop by and check us out! If all of the above doesn’t keep me busy, I also started a tutu line for girls – The Preppy Bee. Yesterday, I just went online with the tutu’s!! So exciting! Right, now I currently, only am selling the tutu’s in upscale children’s boutiques but decided to take it online. So Yesterday, I opened The Preppy Bee on Etsy. The tutu’s are all on sale and I will take custom requests so take advantage of my sale while I set up shop online! 😉 I will post more about the Etsy store in my next post. It’s funny, I read all of these wonderful blogs and some of these women are so creative and funny. I just hope one day soon that I have a lot of follows that I can inspire and make laugh each day! Thanks for stopping by! ~ Amy