What would you do over again?

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I was out of town for a few days this week so I’m a little late with this post!  But I figured what the heck I will post it anyway!  

The writing prompt I chose for this week…. 

1.) If you could do it over again…

        There isn’t much I would do different because if I changed anything I wouldn’t be where I’m at today?  There area  few things that I wish I would have done back in the day but not a lot that I would do over again?  

  • I would have moved to NYC before I was married and had my daughter.  Even if it was just for a summer – i would love to have lived in the city. 
  • I would go back and change my attitude to HS and my grades. 
  • I now probably would have chosen a different major in college 
  • I should have never taken my last job – or stayed at it as long as I did – so much for thinking change was coming in a positive way.  
  • I wish I got married a little earlier and had kids a little younger but Hey things happen for a reason! 
  • I wish I wouldn’t have let my husband talk me into moving when we decided to “live together” before we got married.  I loved my townhouse!  The move in together then involved 2 moves within 15 months -Uggh!  

Along with all the things I wish I could do over … A couple of things that I wouldn’t want to change 

  • I’m glad I talked my friends into going downtown one Saturday night when part of the group wanted to go to the local bars.  – If I never went with my friend I would have never run into my husband at a random bar.   14 years later we meet in a random bar after meeting the 1st time in our college dorm freshman year. – i know crazy!  
  • So happy that I got pregnant when I did as it was the best thing that every happened to me – minus of course all the damage the pregnancy did to my body! 
Now it’s your turn – what would you do over again if you had the chance?  

The sheets felt like sandpaper!

Mama's Losin' It

Last week I slacked and I didn’t link up with Mama Kat’s writers workshop but I’m back on track and linking up again!

This week’s writing prompt that I chose was
1.) It was a bad burn. Tell about the worst sunburn you ever received. How did that happen!?!

The first time I remember having a bad burn , I was 13 years old and I went to Florida for the first time to visit my grandparents.   I’ve always loved the sun and enjoy just grabbing a magazine, book, and my music and laying out!  My husband doesn’t understand this but I could seriously spend the whole day on a chair baking in the sun.  One good thing about my love for the sun is that I tan very easily.   In my teen years – sunscreen just wasn’t cool in my book!  Of course this was all before all they hype about sunscreen and SPF 20, 30, 50!  I’m not even sure if I remember sunscreen higher than SPF 15?  My first spring break trip to Florida, I was determined to come back to school and look like I slept on the beach.  I only had 7 days to obtain that golden glow – so why not try to get it on the 1st day you are at the beach!  Yes, I was a stupid teenager and well let’s just say I had a glow about me but I wouldn’t call it a golden glow.  I had more of that shiny red glow to my body!  Even the cold sheets felt like sand paper on my body!  So, I spent the next day out of the sun by my grandmothers’s strict orders.  Let’s just say she was a little pissed at me!  Which now being a mother I can totally  understand why!  I did learn my lesson because I had to sit inside while my cousin and my sister enjoyed the day at the beach!  Me, I had to sit inside or on the porch with cold towels on my legs!  I have pictures of me and I just recently found them but as I’m posting this I have no idea where they are at or I would scan a picture of me sitting with towels on my legs!  It was awful!  I’m such a huge fan of sunscreen and I make sure that we put it on at least 30 min before we leave the house and we reapply once we are the pool.  I still love sun oil….. There is just something about the smell of coconut and fruit in the sun oil that just screams summer to me!  I still have to just put a little on at times just for the smell!  

It happened on facebook ~ Mama Kat’s writers Workshop

Mama's Losin' It

This weeks prompts for Mama Kat’s writer workshop were tough topics.  Well at least for me I had a hard time picking.  Nothing really was calling my name and I was honestly torn between facebook or the socks prompt.  

So this week my prompt I choose ~  
5.) It happened on Facebook…write about a funny or awkward conversation you saw unfold on Facebook.

#4 was to write a funny story involving socks.  
  Now, I do not have a funny story involving socks other than my husbands socks NEVER seem to make it to the laundry shoot!  I’ve prayed that one day the socks would find there way to the laundry shoot with out me walking around the house bent over day after day picking up socks!  I HATE picking up socks!  Is it really that hard to throw them down the laundry shoot?  Oh and we have a laundry shoot on both floors – so there is no excuse.   I have my 4 year old trained to say to him when she finds them “Daddy these belong in the laundry shoot”  haha. .. So that is my brief story about socks.  Totally a vent and not a funny story.  Now, if I told you I cut the toes out of all his socks and didn’t tell him now that would be funny! 😉

So on to my prompt for the week – which I’m day late posting! Sorry, yesterday we needed a break and we took off for the pool!   

Ahh, facebook what should I say about facebook!  Personally, I love facebook but you have to have some common sense about what you are going to post on your wall or your status update.  Now, for me I’ve been out of HS for  20 years.  I joined facebook about 2 years ago and at first it was CRAZY.  I was getting “friend requests” daily from people from HS that 1)  I never was friends with in school  2)  I haven’t spoken to in almost 20 years  3) then there were those friends that you just honestly lost touch with over the years but were so happy to reconnect.   Yes, I have a combination of all 3 of those on my friends list.  I have thought about “defriending” a few but then I don’t want to be that person at my 20 year reunion being tagged as the facebook defriender (if that is even a word?).  Luckily, facebook stepped up and now lets you hide certain status updates from people and you can restrict settings from friends only being able to see certain information about you.   Which this feature definitely comes in handy especially if you choose to have co-workers on your friends list.

With my wide mix of friends on my list some days my homepage can be come quite amusing and embarrassing at times.  I honestly, don’t care about people posting about there divorce, boyfriends cheating, there love life, and ex husbands or wives for that matter.  I have seen over the past 1-1/2 that I’ve been active on facebook some crazy stuff.  I might see status updates about girls being dumped and how life is over, blah blah.  Seriously, we are in our mid 30’s and is facebook that place you really want to be posting all of your drama?  It was bad and then I’m not kidding it was less than 2 weeks later and there’s a new guy! Come on people!  Then some large drama with the new guy unfolds and then months later she’s back with the other guy?  Then, I saw this crazy post from my little sisters friend about her Dad cheating on her mom and calling the girl out on facebook and then the Mom jumped in and started trashing the girl.  And they called her trash?  People have to realize that what ever you put other there is out there and in a quick second has reached your entire friends list!   A lot of my facebook activity is keeping in touch with old friends and family that do not live in town so I love facebook!  Now, would I post about my relationship with my husband or any troubles that might be facing me?  Absolutely not!  I feel bad for these people that think they should air your dirty laundry on it!   Both of these conversations were awkward to witness and I really felt bad for them. 

What I really feel bad for is my daughters generation.   I can’t even imagine being in school with facebook, text messaging, email, or digital cameras.   It was bad enough how rumors got started with out all of this technology and now we have all of this instant communication that can be put out seconds to a mass list.   <- this could be another topic and post all in itself!  

Now it’s your turn!  What funny or awkward moments have you seen take place on facebook?

The Prompts:
1.) Choose a headline from The Today Show website and write up an opinion post based on the story you chose.
2.) Write a poem about the last thing that made you mad.
3.) Write about a joke that did not go over well.
4.) Write a funny story involving socks.
5.) It happened on Facebook…write about a funny or awkward conversation you saw unfold on Facebook.

Writer’s Workshop: Bucket List ~ Part 2

Mama's Losin' It

This was supposed to be my Friday post but I got  side tracked with another project yesterday.  So here it goes Part 2 of my bucket list.  

Part 2 

*again the list is in no specific order* 

21.  Have a housekeep come at least twice a month.  (a little help with the floors and bathrooms would be fabulous!)
22.  Take a photography class again – a refresher!
23.  Wear a bikini again
24.  Learn to knit and or crochet – i know a little crochet but would love to learn to knit
25.  Attend a blog conferences in 2011 – I have a few in mind I would love to go to!
26.  read at least 25 books a year – maybe more once my daughter gets older!
27.  spend at least a week at the lake in the summer – maybe more!
28.  put together a family scrapbook – my goal would be to do one each year.  Right now, I’m about 4 years behind!  
29.  write a book- I started one about 7 years ago.  Maybe I need to dig that file out! 😉
30.  send Lilly to college with no student loans
31.  learn to sew – i can “craft sew” but i want to really learn how to sew!! 
32.  have financial security even when the times are bad
33.  go on a work project or volunteer for red cross 
34.  teach Sunday school class    I just was voted Preschool Coordinator for our church. So I am the new preschool Sunday school teacher! 
35. Take a family vacation – a family reunion vacation
36.  write  a children’s book with Lilly 
37.  plant a vegetable garden every spring
38.  plant a hydrangea plant in my flower garden- i love hydrangea’s! 
39.  got to Hawaii – i know one of my 50 but seriously, i need a beach vacation! like yesterday! 
40.  take Lilly to NYC or Chicago to the American Girl store and have lunch in the cafe

Now, onto my next 40! 

Writer’s Workshop: Bucket List ~ My top 20

Mama's Losin' It

One of the prompts today from Mama Kat’s writers workshop was to create a bucket list.  Now, the prompt said 100 things you want to do before you turn 100.  Now, 100 is a lot of things to list in one post!  But really, the truth is I’ve never sat down and listed out 100 things.   So I figured, I would do this in parts and really why bore you with reading 100 things all at once!  Really, I’m just buying myself sometime to think about this!

5.) Write a list of 100 things you want to do before you turn 100. Otherwise known as a “bucket list”.

(PART 1) 

My list is in no specific order 

  1. Take a family summer vacation every summer
  2. Travel to Italy 
  3. learn to play the piano
  4. raise a confident, independent, street smart little girl
  5. Have 1 more baby but I’m okay if this doesn’t happen.  (definitely want to do this before 100!!…my goal is before 40!)  
  6. Run a successful business
  7. learn to accept me and to be happy with me 
  8. Take a family picture at least once a year.  
  9. take my husband to NYC – can you believe he has never been there!  
  10. visit Ellis Island and Statue of Liberty w/ my husband. My husbands Dad came over on the boat form Germany through Ellis Island 
  11. Travel to the 50 states 
  12. Buy a cottage at the lake or beach house!! 
  13. ride a train 
  14. learn to ask for help when I need it 
  15. run in a race – my goal is to run in the turkey trot this thanksgiving! 
  16. learn to play guitar 
  17. See a Broadway show 
  18. learn HTML 
  19. pay my debt off – it was paid off up until this last job loss – I can’t stand owing money.  
  20. Try family camp at Camp Fitch one summer.  

My 10 things that make me Smile

For the past few weeks, I’ve read Liz’s posts over at A Belle, a bean, and a Chicago dog about Mama Kat’s writers workshop.   I’ve really enjoyed reading her writer workshop posts and today, I’ve decided to link up with Mama Kat’s writers workshop.  

I feel like I need to provide better content to my blog and start to add some personal information about myself.  We all have those days when we just can’t think about what to write?  Well,  I know I have days like this and I just can’t think of anything that might be post worthy.  As, my readers you know that I love to craft, I love sewing projects, kids craft projects  because I post about all of these fun ideas.  Yes, to me Joann’s, Michaels, and Hobby Lobby make me smile and I feel like a big kid in a candy store.  But, I do not want to make my blog completely about my love for craft projects, furniture make overs, and cooking/recipe sharing.  Really, there is a lot more to me than the fact that my house is over flowing with craft projects 365/24/7!    A big thanks to my husband who puts up with my crafting but we are even because I put with up all the video games ! {wink wink}

So, here it goes my 1st writers workshop. 

Today, I picked prompt #3 

3.) Write a list of 10 things that are sure to put a smile on your face when you are not happy.

My list…. 

10.)  A perfect day at the beach, hearing the waves crash and having the nice warm sun beating down on me.  
9.)   Watching Lilly master a new task….. swimming watching her jump in on her own and immediately look up to the window to see if  I’m watching. 
8.)  the random “I love you Mom” when you don’t expect them.  This immediately will put a smile on my face.  
7.)   Decorating for Christmas or a Birthday party!  I love getting the house ready for the holidays and then to hear my brother come home from college and tell me that my house just smells like Christmas!  
6.)  Enjoying a sushi dinner along with some drinks with my husband. 
5.)  picking Lilly up at daycare and having her run to me at the end of long day and tell me that she missed me.
4.)  sitting on my patio on a nice cool night around the fire with good friends, myself, or just my husband.  I love sitting around the fire
3.)  hearing you are beautiful – even if i just woke up, haven’t showered because well you know that happens some days when I’m cleaning, running from place to place, etc!  
2.)  reading a book with out any interruption 
1.)  seeing my family at the end of hard day and knowing that no matter what happens we still all love each other unconditionally!