Full Time Working Mom= More time in my book!

It’s hard to believe that 9 months ago, I lost my FT job!   Me staying home started out by me losing my job.    First off, all of you SAHM out there – I don’t know how you do it!  I was far more organized, cleaner house, and seriously had more time on my hands than I do now!  I am a schedule person along with my lists <– I love lists!  I have not adjusted to this new SAHM mom thing but really, I”m not a stay at home mom because I have to work!!  I give you SAHM credit – man it’s hard to be a SAHM! On top of this adjustment my husband took a new job at a technology company and works these crazy hours!  He goes in at 1:30 and works until 10 pm and then is on call during off hours.  So, he is at home with us all morning – which is so hard to be on a schedule!  Because, he wants to see us and we want to see him but my day can’t start at 1:30!  I’m so excited about his promotion because it will put him back on an 8-5 schedule with a lot of flex hours!  Yeah!!  Sorry, to feel like a complainer!  I’m just having one of those weeks!  Any secrets please share with me!  I’m dying over here! LOL  

I can’t tell you how many interviews I’ve been and pre-screening interviews I’ve done over the past 9 months.  It’s A LOT!  In April, I interviewed for a job that I had over 10 years of experience and I thought this was my break!  I was more than qualified for this position other than the fact I was currently not an employee! Yup, you guessed it got down to me an internal applicant and they selected the internal employee.  I’ve worked in the Corporate world since the late 90’s so I know the game and how things work but what I never understood is stringing someone along.  I talked to this company for over 1 month, interviewed 4 times and spoke to the hiring manager at least once a week.  You would think all signs are pointing in a positive direction but not this time.  So after this job fell through I was in a huge rut and so stressed out!  The loss of my income was huge hit for us and I carried the weight of the bills from my employment.  Back in 2007, I was laid off and this was after working for the company for over 8 years and then took this last job just really for a job.  It was  huge pay cut for me and well that’s when I decided to take the venture into the online business world and I opened up Lillian Aerin & Co.  I wanted a unique online store for favors, invitations, gifts, personalized kids stuff.  It was all of the things that I always had to resort to the internet for because I could never find in the local shops.  So in 2008, I started the online business and I worked at it PT between working FT/traveling, being a mom, and everything else that seems to land on my plate.  When I lost this last job, I immediately started looking for another job and now looking back I should have just jumped full body into growing the online business.  It’s scary being a business owner and I guess I just enjoyed the security of that nice salary check that I had for 8 years.  My last job I took a huge pay cut and that’s when I opened up the online business to help replace some of my income.  This past week, I’ve been lacking on the blog side which totally has killed me and maybe the reason I haven’t been sleeping well 😉 okay, maybe it’s not the blog it’s probably just the stress of putting together the next phase of my business.  After just recently sending out another round of resumes to jobs on Monster and getting that ever so nice email back saying – While your background is very impressive we regret to inform you that you do not meet our qualifications for this job!  Really?  I honestly, think that I am now in that new age bracket of late 30’s too much experience and you don’t want to pay me so I will hire that 20 something few years out of college for less.  So enough of the blah, blah, on to my next chapter! 

I am currently, in the process of expanding Lillian Aerin & Co also into an event company.  My goal is to offer party planning for any event!  I’ve always loved party planning so now I’m going out on my own!  Wish me luck as I take this next step!  This week has been a lot to take on and I’m sure the next few months will be just as crazy!  I have my first event on Aug. 15th so I’m super excited about this and getting my name out there as to what I can do!  

The next few weeks, I’m going to have a built in babysitter starting tomorrow!  I’m so excited my 15 yr old sister is flying in tomorrow from Florida to stay with us!   I only get to see her maybe twice a year, Summer and Christmas  so I’m so excited to see her and spend some time with her!  Along with having some extra hands to entertain a 4 year old!  I’m hoping to get back on track with all of my new blog ideas as well as find some more time to finish up these last few business documents, and to get myself back on the #31DBBB!  

I will be back around commenting on your blogs I promise! I’ve been reading them from my phone the past week but hate commenting from the phone!  My google reader is ready to explode!  

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WOW – Jan 28th?

I can’t believe it was Jan 28th the last time I posted anything! I think about my blog every day and I’m in my google reader blog hopping every day… So i have no excuse as to why I haven’t made a new post! This was my new years resolution to post something weekly if not daily. From this day forward, I promise! So, a little as to what’s been going on in my life the past few months. Sad, but true I’m still looking for the FT job =( ! I’ve never been more frustrated in my life with the job search! Keep your fingers crossed that one of these jobs I’ve recently interviewed for comes through this week! Besides looking for a job, my 3 1/2 year old keeps me busy each day! For those of you with kids you ….you will understand my next comment. Where do the days go? I can remember being single and laid off and I was completely bored!! This time I can’t tell you how many days/weeks just get by me and the last thing I can say is that I was bored! As many of you know I also started an online business Lillian Aerin & Co – this online boutique carries everything from personalized wedding favors, baby shower favors, unique kids items. If you haven’t stopped by the store please stop by and check us out! If all of the above doesn’t keep me busy, I also started a tutu line for girls – The Preppy Bee. Yesterday, I just went online with the tutu’s!! So exciting! Right, now I currently, only am selling the tutu’s in upscale children’s boutiques but decided to take it online. So Yesterday, I opened The Preppy Bee on Etsy. The tutu’s are all on sale and I will take custom requests so take advantage of my sale while I set up shop online! 😉 I will post more about the Etsy store in my next post. It’s funny, I read all of these wonderful blogs and some of these women are so creative and funny. I just hope one day soon that I have a lot of follows that I can inspire and make laugh each day! Thanks for stopping by! ~ Amy

Lillian Aerin Co new look!

As many of you know I am the proud owner of Lillian Aerin & Co. We just launched a new look to our website and I’m so excited – I have to share it with everyone! Lillian Aerin is going to be launching into a new venture in the next few months and will be branching out into more of the party planning! Keep checking back!

Our new look! We are still working on a few minor changes but here’s a preview of our new look! Lillian Aerin & Co. is taking on a new look but we still carry the same product lines that you have grown to love! This months featured item is our personalized tee line! These make great gifts for any new baby, big sister/brother, or just for your little one!

Are you planning a wedding or know someone who is planning a wedding? Don’t forget to check out our wedding favors, invitations, bridal party gifts! Maybe you have moved on from planning wedding’s to baby showers!! We have a fabulous line of baby shower favors, invitations, and even baby gift line!!

Happy Shopping!
~ Amy