Happy Holidays!

Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas!  

December has been a whirl wind of a month!  From getting the flu… which put us down for a week to getting ready to the holidays!  I don’t know about you but I”m ready for a weekend of nothing to do!  

Here’s a peek at what we’ve been up to this month …. 

We hung our stockings with care …. 

We adopted a tree at the local park for Lilly’s Daisy Troop – we made bird seed ornaments 

Made Gingerbread house- a school project. I went to school to help Lilly out … They used milk cartons as the house so you just frosted the graham crackers on the house! Genius if you ask me… and the house has yet to collapse!! 😉 

Saturday with the house a mess and being trapped in the house all day because my car broke down =(  I stopped everything and made the melted snowman cookies with Lilly!  What a fun cookie and she  rolled the cookie puddles out, iced the cookies, and then used food markers to decorate.  Definitely a cookie that we will make again!

In getting ready for Santa’s big arrival ….. We made our reindeer food.  This year we made a carrot wreath for the reindeer …. And they took it!!!  {insert major excitement from a 6 year old when it was gone this morning!!) 

Linus – thanks for visiting us for Christmas #3 – Lilly is looking forward to you returning next year!  Here is Linus in his last spot this season and with a letter in hand from Lilly. The letter says Merry Christmas Linus – safe trip back!  I love the magic of Christmas!! 

We left Santa sugar cookies and this year she wanted to leave Hot Chocolate.  … Look he wrote us a note back on my chalk board! 

One of her favorite gifts – McKenna arrived this morning!  Insert squeal of excitement!!  

Wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

I will be enjoying the next week with family and will be back with new things next year!  


The return of Elf on the Shelf–year 3

It’s that time of year again ….. It’s Elf on the Shelf time!  Time for every parent to flip out, stress out about this little elf!  The whole elf on the shelf season started off in a complete panic this year because he was missing!!!  After, an hour of looking in every odd place and running up and down from 2nd floor to the basement and back again … I finally found him!   He was resting in the Easter storage container.  I know makes complete sense right?  I mean why wouldn’t I put him back in the nice storage box he came in?  Ahh, because that would make sense and  I really do like to stress my self out over this elf! (insert sarcasm)
The first year Linus (aka Elf on the Shelf) came to visit us was in 2010.  I posted about our new family member here which by the way is a very popular post these days!  After, seeing the popularity of this post in my stats I figured I would update you on year 3. 
If knew this back in 2010 would I have purchased the elf on the shelf?  If knew this cute little elf was going to cause me so much stress for some odd 30 days or so would I have bought one?  Absolutely!  Christmas is my favorite time of year and I love the magic of it all!  It’s even better when my daughter honestly believes that cute little stuffed elf actually ate that bag of M&M’s, drew on her school picture frame with a dry erase marker, can hang for over 24 hours from the railing on the steps, and then last night he landed in my trees in the kitchen.  Uggh, did I tell you it’s exhausting?  Plus, now with pinterest there is some serious competition with elf on the shelf owners and that you have to be super creative about what your elf is caught doing?  Check out a few ideas below – click on link for pinterest search.   
pinterest elf
this week I’ve panicked twice in the morning after she’s gotten up – DID I MOVE HIM???? Monday, morning was the worst!  I totally forgot to move him Sunday night and then there she was standing at the bathroom door as I’m coming out  all excited and she’s waiting to go downstairs to find him!!!  Yes, I’m trying to hold it together and with a quick side track to the bedroom for the TV,  I tell her I have to run downstairs to get her shirt from the dryer.  Now, I’m in complete panic as I’m holding the elf – which by the way you are not supposed to touch or he will lose his magic.  So if she catches me with elf in my hand it’s OVER!  A quick move he landed in our candy jar holding and open bag of M&M which by the way she believes he opened and started eating! 
Will she hate me one day that I made her believe this elf was real?  I hope not…. I hope she will see it as being the part of the magic of Christmas and that I was suckered into another $29.00 purchase!  haha! 
So here’s what our elf has been up to so far this 2012 Christmas Season …
elf collage
What’s your elf been up to?  Or do you just keep it simple? 
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Amy

Our newest family member

Meet Linus – Our Elf on the Shelf

Meet our new family member “Linus”~ Linus is our Elf on the Shelf and watching over us to make sure we all behave and that we remain on Santa’s good list!  This is our first year doing the Elf on the Shelf and I’m sure this will become a tradition each year.  I posted my status update that we welcomed our elf on the shelf home.  It was so amazing to see other friends comment and everyone’s elf had a different name!!  Linus has been with us the whole month of December and week one was the only week that he didn’t add more stress to my life.  I’m Failing at the Elf on the Shelf!  I haven’t been busted yet for him not moving the next day but the stress he brings to a parents life!  I can’t count on my hands anymore how many days I’ve sprung out of bed and flew downstairs to move him before she got up!  Sunday, was the close call she came down stairs before me to feed the dog.  At first, I’m like go for it and then I’m in the bathroom getting ready for church and I’m like Oh No, I forgot to move Linus!!  Of all places for Linus to be was on the shelf right by the dog bowl!  So I have to think quick about how to get her back up stairs … Thank god Daddy catches on to what’s going on.  At first I thought I was going to be all alone on this debacle!  He gets her upstairs to talk about how much food she should give the dog.  I wasn’t upstairs because I was moving Linus but I could just imagine her face being like Why are you telling me this?  I know he gets 2 scoops, in fact when I yelled for her to come down she goes Why did Daddy have to tell me Chester only gets 2 scoops?  I go I don’t know he probably just was testing to see how smart you are?  The reason really was because her mother is FAILING at this Elf on the Shelf deal!  

I love seeing in her the magic of Christmas!  If you missed my post about the Polar Express Train ride and her 1st trip to the North Pole you can read about it here.  Lilly honestly believes that Linus flies every night to that same North Pole she visited on the train.  Not only does Linus fly there but our neighbors elf Fronk and Linus meet at the stop sign and fly together. Yes, Lilly and the 3 year old neighbor girl came up with this theory all on there own at Church last week.  

Does your family have an elf on the shelf?  If so what is your elf’s name?  Also, share with us your stories of forgetting to move your elf 😉    

Polar Express

Thanksgiving weekend Lilly went on her first train ride and this train ride took her to the North Pole! You heard me she went to the North Pole to see the big guy in the red suit! We are lucky enough to live by the Cuyahgoa Valley Scenic Rail Road. The CVSRR has many events throughout the year but our favorite event is the Polar Express Train ride. Load up the family, put the kids in there PJ’s and board the CVSRR for a fun family trip to the North Pole. It’s a magical journey filled with cookies and cocoa, a reading of the classic story, a visit to the North Pole village, and holiday caroling along the way, and last but not least a visit from Santa Clause! Lilly LOVED this ride and unfortunately, I could not go this year and it was a bummer for me but I’m so happy that Lilly got the opportunity. She honestly thinks she went to the North Pole – I love the innocent and imagination of the magic of Christmas in a little kids eyes! I know it won’t stay like this forever so I’m enjoying all of these moments I have over the next few years!

Happy Holidays Everyone!