Ten on Ten ~ A little of what I was up to today

Ten on Ten project was started over at a little bit of sunshine.   Basically, you are documenting your day in pictures – 10 pictures on the 10th of every month.  We are all so busy these days so one day it’s nice to make yourself focus on what you were doing that one day …..

Here’s how my day went…..

The Preppy Strawberry www.thepreppystrawberry.com

Coffee …… new creamer flavor this morning.  I’ve really need my coffee this past week …. my patient hasn’t been sleeping through the night and is making for some long days at work this week. 


The Preppy Strawberry www.thepreppystrawberry.com

finally ordered our new storm door!  We lost the last one in a winter wind storm …. notice the one light?  The door took off the light and sheared my flag pole right off along with mangling the old storm dorm!  So I’m up early and showered with my coffee waiting for the door installer’s to arrive!


The Preppy Strawberry www.thepreppystrawberry.com

My new best friend …… I’m spring cleaning!  All walls, baseboards, floor being washed.  It’s a challenging task … working doesn’t allow me a lot of time to keep up so instead of stressing out I’m taking a couple of rooms each day.  Today, I tackled the stairs and entrance way.  3 rooms down ….. Too many more to go =(



The Preppy Strawberry www.thepreppystrawberry.com

Breakfast with the iPad and homemade Oreo cookie!  Like I said it’s all about the calories 😉  Check out the homemade Oreo cookies recipe.


The Preppy Strawberry www.thepreppystrawberry.com

12:30 today she said I’m starving!  So she actually wanted food today!!!  So, we went up to DQ and she  drank her whole slushie and 1/2 hotdog!  Woo Hoo!  The most she has eaten in a week!! 


The Preppy Strawberry www.thepreppystrawberry.com

Feeling a little better tonight….. all I heard was clomping coming from upstairs someone was digging in my shoe closet …. I’m glad her energy is coming back!  Forgot, I even had these shoes! haha!  See how much I get out anymore!


The Preppy Strawberry www.thepreppystrawberry.com


after eating 1/2 her grilled cheese and chicken noodle soup for dinner I figured she was up for a treat…  mommy treated her to Menchies! 


The Preppy Strawberry www.thepreppystrawberry.com

1/2 way through her yogurt treat she put her head down ….. her throat hurt too bad to finish.  I feel so bad for her!  She’s been such a trooper but having your tonsils out is no fun!! 


The Preppy Strawberry www.thepreppystrawberry.com

I felt bad she didn’t want her ice cream ….  I bought her some menchies pins for her backpack.  That got me a smile! 


Kit Kittredge: An American Girl (Blu-Ray) Blu-ray



Then we ended up watching our favorite American girl movie ….. 


 ten on ten button








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