Ten on Ten

I can’t believe it’s already April 10th?!!?  I swear, I just posted my March ten on ten and yet here we are again!  You can read more about the ten on ten project over at a Bit of Sunshine.

The past few weeks have been crazy around here!  Which means my crafting time has been limited!  I have a few projects started and I hope to get finish them up this weekend! 

So onto my Ten on Ten for April 10th


photo (116)REV

Remember having these name plates on your desk in elementary school?



Today was K.I.S.S. day at Lilly’s school – (Kids Invite Someone Special).  Lilly invited both my Mom and I to her KISS day.  The kids put on a musical chorus performance first and then we went to visit them in their class room. 

Lilly’s teacher planned a cute little craft for us to do with kids.  It was a flower made out of both of our hands … I told Lilly will give it to Nana since it has both of our hands making up the flower.  My mom didn’t participate in the craft because my Mom teaches 3rd grade at Lilly’s school so my Mom had to get back to her own class.  Pretty cool… Nana teaches at your school?  Well, at least for now she thinks it’s cool 😉 


{The Preppy Strawberry} ww.thingamajigetc.blogspot.com/

Lilly busy cutting out our hands for the flower …

The Preppy Strawberry  www.thepreppystrawberry.com


Pointing to my Mom’s name on the parachute while we wait in line for brunch – they had pastries, bagels , fruit and donuts for the parents.  Yum!


The Preppy Strawberry  www.thepreppystrawberry.com

When we went down to the classroom she handed me this card she drew of my Mom, Me and her – It was a Thank you card for coming to K.I.S.S Day. 

Okay, so let me clarify this picture (Lilly is the left, ME – Middle and my Mom is on the right)  First, Lilly has blonde hair but wants brown hair?!  Me – I have dark brown hair but it’s definitely not black!  Funny, when I was a teenager I wanted blonde hair and my daughter has the best color because one day she could be a blonde or brunette!



The Preppy Strawberry  www.thepreppystrawberry.com

After, I left K.I.S.S. day I had to head off to work …. This ugly cloud followed me and then decided to open  up and down pour!  This is pretty much how the skies looked all afternoon!  Pretty scary looking? 


The Preppy Strawberry  www.thepreppystrawberry.com


Yup, that was dinner!  I had a busy schedule tonight – I have to get every thing ready for the next couple of days.  I’m heading off to Columbus in the morning to go to an event tomorrow night … A girls night out event!  I’m looking forward to the event and getting back to doing the things I used to do 😉  But with that means – tomorrow night Dad has to do dance, spelling test practice, pack a lunch , and then get her on the bus Friday morning! 


The Preppy Strawberry  www.thepreppystrawberry.com

Of course ….. she had to go play in the play area but that all worked out while I made my to do list!  😉


The Preppy Strawberry  www.thepreppystrawberry.com

Barnes and Noble – we made a stop to one of my favorite places to hang out.  I was looking for a couple of books so while the sales girl was helping me out she went into the kids section.  I came around the corner to find her sitting down reading a book she picked out!  I’m so happy she loves to read! 


The Preppy Strawberry  www.thepreppystrawberry.com

When we were walking into Barnes and Noble it started to down pour again!!  So Lilly took off her little cardigan and put it on her head so her hair wouldn’t get wet!  LOL  seriously, this girl kills me! 

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