Wordless Wednesday

Wow …. It’s been a long time since I’ve linked up to a Wordless Wednesday over at Project Alicia.  In fact, the last time I liked up was almost a year ago!  Geez, where does the time go! 

Even though this is *supposed* to be a wordless post I’m going to explain my wordless post … If you know me I like to talk to just posting a picture without explaining is hard for me!  haha!  

My daughter was home sick Friday , the weekend and then joined me again on Monday .  She’s had a back to back strep throat infections – ICK! YucK!  I’m so over winter and really wish right about now I was packing to go  some where it’s  warmer for longer than 5 months out of the year! 

So, while we were cooped up I broke out an early Easter gift to help pass the *BOREDOM*  We watched all 4 American Girl Movies and well honestly I loved all them!!  If you are looking for an Easter basket Idea, I highly recommend this DVD set!!  You can find it on Amazon super cheap too!!



photo (94)photo (95)photo (96)

Collected her last $350.00 from her Girl Scout Cookie sale!  She sold over $900 in cookies!!  Woo Hoo!! 

Let’s just say Mom aka me is so ready for the end of cookies season! 😉 lol


Just think ….. we are half way thru another week! 😉





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