Bloglovin’ …. It’s time to make the move!

bloglovin tips { The Preppy Strawberry}

 I’m sure if you are here reading this post you are either a blogger or you are a blog reader that follows blogs.  Last week, the buzz around the blog forums and blogger groups was that Google reader is going away July 1, 2013.  I started blogging and following blogs back in 2008 and this is when I  started using Google reader.  I will be honest the past year, I truly haven’t used Google reader like I did when I first entered the blogging world but all of the blogs I follow are still in my Google reader.  Along with my thousands of posts that I starred that I want to go back to read, comment, or it was  recipe.  I think truly when I really stopped going to Google reader was when Pinterst became so popular!  I love pinterest and the fact that I can save images – I can always remember that picture of recipe or craft idea but sometimes I would forget who wrote the post and what the name of the recipe or project was titled so my days of starring my favorite post went to the wayside once I got the hang of the pinterest world.  


What’s bloglovin’?  Bloglovin’ is another way to read your blogs and receive notification when new posts are made.  It’s pretty awesome format and once I get all my blogs I follow over to bloglovin’ I’m sure I will use it on  daily basis!  I hope that if you are one of my GFC followers that you will join me over at Bloglovin’!  Click on the + at the very top right hand side of my blog where you see my social media icons. 

This weekend I read a bunch of blog posts with tutorials on how to claim your blog if you are a blogger on bloglovin’.   Here are a few posts that you might find helpful


Find me at bloglovin’ right here

Bloglovin’ Resources

Click on the blog titles to find out more!


Where to go once Google Reader goes away

Happy Food Happy Life


How to import your google reader into Bloglovin’

Sew much Crafting 

Want to know how to pin to pinterest from your Bloglovin’ account? 

Crafty in Crosby



See you over at Bloglovin’



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