Ten on Ten

Have you heard about the ten on ten project?  I read about it on a friends blog a couple of months ago and well the last two months on the 10th flew right by me!  So, today I actually remembered it was the 10th and well decided to give this ten on ten thing a try! 

I know you are wondering what the ten on ten thing is all about well ….

You can read more about it over at A Bit of Sunshine but basically you are capturing your day in 10 photo’s one photo an hour for ten hours!  Pretty simple and well some days might be a pretty cool recap of the day’s events! 


Here’s my Ten on Ten for March 10, 2013 – can you tell what consumed pretty much my entire day? 

Ten on Ten

10 10 PIC1

10 10 pic2

My morning was consumed by taking inventory of the Girl Scout Cookies I had for the troop booth sale.  Then it was packing up the car to go sell cookies for 3 hours!!!  Then I came home to update sales in the computer and email the troop out the totals.  After that was done I was the lucky one chosen to go to the grocery store for dinner!!  YUCK – I hate grocery shopping but on Sunday at 4:00 it’s triple YUCK!!  Today, we had a gorgeous day and was just a sign that spring is just around the corner so we grilled out!  Then as dinner cooked I sat and watched my little speed racer on her bike.  After that as all done it was bedtime and I had 3 stories read to me by the best story teller around town!  It’s so amazing to watch her reading level change – a level 2 book she got for Christmas was so tough at the beginning but tonight she pretty much breezed right through it!  Now, I’m sitting down have some cuties – I love these!!    


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One thought on “Ten on Ten

  1. Os Mosqueteiros! says:

    Beautiful pics! Girl scouty cookies??? Isn´t it that just a "thing that only happens in movies"? Great!!! I have to go to USA! LoL!Kisses and blessings.Mirys (www.diariodos3mosqueteiros.blogspot.com)from Brazil, but participating!!!

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