Dr. Seuss Round up




Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!! 


March 2nd, Dr. Seuss would have celebrated his 109th Birthday!!  I loved reading his books as a kid and as an adult I love watching some of his books come to the big screen.  Last night, we watched the Lorax to go along with Dr. Seuss week that is going on at my daughters school this week.  Unfortunately, she’s been out sick Monday and Tuesday and she’s not happy about missing some of the fun Dr. Seuss activities this week! 


Here’s a round of some Dr. Seuss themed activities and crafts! 


Green Eggs and Ham Candy

Check out the great Tutorial from Random Thoughts of a Super Mom



Dr. Seuss Template – Art Project for kids

You can find the template over here at Art Projects for Kids



Horton – Paper roll Craft



Check out this cute Horton Here’s a Who Craft from

Meet the Dubiens


Grinch Crinkle Cookies

You can find the recipe over at Delicous Meliscious



Of course if you search in Pinterest or Google you will find many more ideas – these were just a few ideas that were simple to complete for every busy working Mom!


Stay tuned tomorrow….. Sharing with you the Dr. Seuss Treat that we are taking to school to share with her class…




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