My "one little word" 2013

I’m all about setting the right tone for this year and getting the year off to a great start!  You might have read other posts from other bloggers about the “one little word” or if you are familiar with The Happiness Project you might have read about the “one little word”.   Lately, I’ve caught on instagram other bloggers following Ali Edwards and the one little word project.  You can read more here

What is the one little word?  It’s a word you pick to focus on all year, in a way a New Year’s Resolution but an easier way to focus on that one goal. 

My one little word for 2013 is ………………….


I chose this word after much thought about what I personally need to do to advance myself and start doing what makes me happy.  I also realized last night that I need to instill this into my daughter to always believe in herself! 

* Believe in big changes

* To teach my daughter to always believe in herself

* To believe in myself

* To believe that things happen for a reason whether good or bad and to trust that

* To believe good things are coming

*  I believe in laughing – this year I need to laugh more

*  I believe in smiles – people who smile more are happier people and more people want to spend time with happy people. 

 OLW 2013

What will your one word be for 2013? 




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