Friday Features

I had this post scheduled for yesterday but I was finding it hard to post about a cute project, a holiday purchase, or the holiday project I worked on with Lilly’s class.  My heart is just breaking for those families that lost a child and loved one yesterday.  I can not wrap my arms around how someone could harm anyone let alone children.  Just remember to hug your children a little tighter and longer this weekend.  I know last night there was some discussion with other bloggers about what the blogging community can do to help the families of Sandy Hook Elementary.  As, I get more information I will share with all of you.  


hmmmm.. Friday features?  I wasn’t sure what to title this post but who knows maybe I’m onto something new?  
A  Friday Feature perhaps?  Do you have a post you want to share?  If interested in guest posting email me 

I’m so glad it’s Friday and that I finally can put this week behind me!  I’m a little behind on editing my posts because the flu struck me down for a couple of days this week.  My daughter was out of school since last Friday and just returned today so I was all off schedule this week!   

Last weekend, I made a couple of fun random purchases at a local antique store.  Why look who rode home with me?  I remembered having one of these Santa lights as a kid and I found one and it lights up!  Perfect…. best part Lilly loved it! 

Another fun find was this old beverage crate – not sure where it’s going or what I’m doing with it but I love it! 

Look how cute the elves turned out I made with my daughters 1st grade class…… how cute are these guys!! 

Perler bead bowls….. we made a few perler bead bowls this fall a post coming soon.  These make a great gift for the kids to give the grandparents! 😉 

While I was recovering the flu, I added some new fonts here are some of the ones I just added to my font library. 

Traveling Typewriter ( the font I’m using in this post)
Love me forever

Tomorrow, is the Christmas Extravaganza and my Lilly is dancing in it this year!  She’s super excited but it’s going to a very long day!  So look for some new photos this weekend on the blog and if you follow me on instagram I’ll be updating throughout the day tomorrow! 

Happy Friday! 
~ Amy


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