Fall Memories

Memories: Fall Back Into Blogging Challenge Day 3

This week it’s all about fall and I’m participating in The SITS Girls “Fall Back Into Blogging” challenge.  Today’s challenge is to write about a favorite fall memory. 

One of my favorite pictures from the fall of 2011 

As much as I am a summer girl my next favorite season is the fall!!!  I love the cool mornings and the new smell fall brings – from the crisp morning air to the evenings when you can smell a fire burning … Ahh, fall has arrived!!! 

As a kid, I loved the fall because it meant back to school which meant football games, dances,  watching the leaves turn colors.  I always wanted to get married in the fall and my month of choice was first two weeks in October.   Why you ask??  Well because the days still tend to be perfect warm days and the nights are just starting to get cold and my main reason is the leaves are so pretty this time of year.  (BTW – I got married the week before Christmas). 

My favorite memory was we always went to the fruit farm for apples and donuts.  My Grandma and Mom used to make homemade applesauce with the apples.   Which by the way is hands down the best applesauce ever!! 

As an adult, I still like fall for the same reason above but I also now enjoy decorating the house for Fall – adding mums to the planters outside and creating a new wreath masterpiece for the front door.  Which is something I need to get on ASAP because I’m running out of weekends!!  

What’s your one favorite thing about the fall? 

To highlight my fall memories …….

Crunchy leaves, crisp mornings, the leaves changing, having a fire on a perfect fall night (with a nice glass of wine), candy corn, candy apples, going to the fruit market, hayrides, haunted houses

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