Fall Back Into Blogging Day 1

This week I’m taking part in SITS Girls “Fall Back into Blogging Challenge”

Today’s writing prompt is to share a back to school memory.   So I’m going to recap my grade school, middle school, high school and college highlights.  There is one thing in common no matter what grade I was in I love back to school shopping!  There was just something so cool about getting some new clothes to start your school year off on a fashionable note.  A new backpack, new notebooks, pens, etc.  You name it , I loved shopping for it and organizing it!   

A few memories from grade school that stick out – One, I was a walker ( yeah, so not cool) I wanted to ride a yellow school bus so bad!!! But no, I was a walker and even had a crossing guard to cross me and my sister across the busy street.   My grades school principal was so intimitdating and I was scared to death to ever end up in the office!!  Yes, I remember rumors of the paddle – Probably just dated myself by saying they still paddled when I was in grade school.  There was one day in 3rd grade I remember hearing my name called over the PA system to come to the office to see the principal.  I’m pretty sure I was shaking on my long walk to the office only to end up finding out that I was selected as the student of the week from my school.  This meant my name was going to be announced on the local news – WOO HOO!  It was something good and I didn’t have to go home and explain anything to my parents except I was student of the week!!  

Middle School – I could have totally done with out Middle School.  I was not a fan of middle school and bullying and mean girls  existed back in the late 80’s but no one really did anything about it like they do today. I’m not saying I wasn’t the innocent and that I wasn’t even maybe a mean girl to another girl that I wasn’t friends with but Middle School I could have really used some direction and now I wish I was passionate about something.  I hated BAND!! Uggh, I wanted to play the flute because the flute was cute and came in this little case but NO, too many girls playing flute and I got stuck playing the clarinet!  HATED HATED the band…. S0 the start to middle school didn’t start off on  a good note when I wasn’t allowed to the play the flute!   Do you remember the Forenza clothes line from The Limited?  OMG – this was my favorite part of middle school my mom and grandma taking me on a shopping spree to The Limited and stocking up on all my fall fashions! 

High School – I enjoyed high school and finally found my group of friends and eventually made more friends once we combined middle schools.  I definitely have some good memories of high school and was amazed at how fast those 4 years went!  I loved all the social activities in high school, football games.  

My college years were probably my best school years – I started at one college where I met my husband in the dorm (which is another crazy store I can share another time)  But this was the time I felt like I finally fit in and that I was doing something that I wanted to do. 

There are some things that always say back to school – a fresh box of crayons, new sharp pencils, and the newly waxed floors at school!  

One thing, I know I liked about back to school was it was a fresh start and new beginning.  I still like that even now as a parent!  I said all summer, I’m getting myself organized so we start this school year off on a organized note!  

3 thoughts on “Fall Back Into Blogging Day 1

  1. PearLady says:

    hah! you sound like a friend of mine referring to band..she had quite a similar experience as yours. I wanted to play the flute as well until the infamous candle test. Although, I still took to band like a duck to water, even if I was "stuck" with the same instrument, too, ;D

  2. Leann Richardson says:

    Sorry you hated band… I have played flute since I was in sixth grade and I married a band director and have lots of little band geeks in my home. It was such a wonderful experience for me. Maybe if you had played flute, too. It stinks you did not get to choose for yourself. Sounds like your band director was not so awesome. 😦 Blessings and thanks for sharing your stories with us. 🙂

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