Back to School ~ First Grade

Well we are officially out of the back to school mode but I’m  still adjusting to the new fall schedule. Between the morning routine, my work schedule, dance, cheerleading, football games, my calendar is full!!  It’s amazing in the morning how an extra 10 min is like GOLD!  By that I mean, when I waste 15 min flipping through facebook, checking email, and yes peaking at pinterest can really distract my morning!!  Yes, there are days we are brushing our teeth as I can hear the bus coming up the street..YIKES.  Geez, if I only could get myself back on my old morning routine of getting up at 5am before the rest of the house and enjoy that cup of coffee and reading my google reader and catching up on the new posts to instagram and facebook – my morning would run so smoothly!  Anyone else find themselves getting side tracked or is it just me?? 

This year we started first grade!!  Geesh, I swear I just went through kindergarten open house and then 4 weeks ago I found myself in First Grade open house!  Seriously, life needs to slow down or I really need to start making the best of every day because I feel like life is flying right by me. 

We have a few back to school traditions at our house – one I started back in preschool is the front door ruler wreath that is also our growth chart we measure every year on the first day of school .  This also is my door wreath for back to school.  {Tutorial coming soon!!}

Last year was the first year she could ride the school bus so I made her as a surprise last year a giant sugar cookie to look like her school bus!  This year she asked when I was going to make it again – I love making traditions.  {Tutorial coming soon!!}

This year the book we gave her on the night before school started was “the night before first grade”  She loved it!  

What back to school traditions do you have?  


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