Are those Girl Scout Cookies?

This is what has consumed me this week…. Girl Scout Cookies have taken over my living room!! I picked up the entire troop order on Valentines Day and my living room now looks like a Girl Scout Cookie Factory!!! This year Lilly is as Daisy Girl Scout and I’m one of the troop leaders! I know I know .. I can never say NO!!!  But I love being one of the troop moms because I get to plan all kind of fun craft projects for the girls!!!    

notice the Barbie Dolls on the boxes?  Boxes are the best Toys ever!!  
Forget about that American Girl Doll Santa brought!! 

My favorite girl scout cookie hands down are the Samoa’s or Caramel delights!!  Sad to say that yes,  I’ve eaten a box by myself over the past couple of days!! YIKES!!!!  Bad part is I”m the only one in my house who likes coconut so I’m doomed!!!  Good thing is I only bought 2 boxes!!  😉  

What’s your favorite girl scout cookie?  


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