What is a Kindergartner Thankful for….

Last year, we made this Thankful Turkey and every day we wrote what Lilly was thankful for … It was such a fun family project.  This year, Lilly asked me when we were going to do our Turkey again?  This year because of the crazy schedules we took some time out on Thanksgiving morning to sit down and work on our Thankful Turkey.  We did one together – brown turkey and then while I was getting ready she did the purple turkey.  She asked for help writing her “thankful” thoughts.  This year Daddy helped out and this is what a kindergartner is thankful for… 

1)  School 
2)  food on the table 
3) Justin Bieber (yes, you are really reading Justin Bieber!!!  And I can’t believe Dad actually wrote it!!) LOL
4)  Family 
5)  Friends 

Notice on Purple turkey – she wrote school and Justin Bieber! lol   

These are the things that you save and pull out when they are teenagers and have a few good laughs!  


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