Christmas Thank you cards

Do your kids send Thank You Christmas cards?  One thing that I’m really big on is Thank You cards!  Since, Lilly has been a baby we’ve sent thank you cards for Christmas and Birthday and anything in between as needed.  As she is getting older it’s a fun little project for us to do together as she thanks everyone for all of her new toys and new clothes she got for Christmas.  So this year, since she is 4 1/2 yrs. old I opted to make cards – so I was blog hopping I found this cute card!  It was perfect for the task!  Just enough work to keep her attention – so all she had to do was color the dress and sign her name in the card.  I wrote the card as we talked about what everyone got her and then she signed her name to the card.  Here is how are cards turned out!  I can not take credit for this cute little design but you can find the template over here at She wears flowers.  There is even a cute little boy template!  

Happy Friday Everyone! 

We are now off to the post office!!  


4 thoughts on “Christmas Thank you cards

  1. Amy_ThePreppyStrawberry says:

    The reason we started Christmas thank you's was because that's when I sent out Lilly's Christmas pictures so we just included a little thank you. This year, well never got around to Christmas pictures?!!? I'm still trying to figure out where 2010 went – just seemed to fly right by!

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