Happy Birthday!

Well Today is my Birthday – 39th birthday to be exact!  I can’t believe this is my last year of celebrating life in my 30’s!  I remember throwing my Mom a surprise 40th birthday and at that time I felt like that was soo old!  I’m now 365 days closer to celebrating my 40th!  I’m okay, with turning 40 and actually looking forward to my 40’s!  Only because the past couple of years we have been through so much I’m looking for a fresh start.  This year is going to be a year of a lot of changes for us and I’m trying to keep positive and tell myself that things happen a reason.  

The video was taken last night because Lilly and Nana bought Mommy a cake.  Lilly wanted a piece. In order to have a piece she said we had to sing Happy Birthday and light my candles.  She put the entire package of candles on my cake…. good thing there was only 24 in the pkg notice the large flame!  Can you even imagine 39 candles burning on the cake!  YIKES!! 

Today’s plans have changed and I will celebrate my birthday next week – so lunch dates canceled, a little coffee time canceled, and shopping time for mommy has all be postponed!  Last night we spent 2 hours in the Emergency room with Lilly.  She woke up at midnight screaming her ears hurt her and it went on for 2 hours.  So at 2:00 am we take off for the emergency room to have her ears checked out.  Lilly has tubes in her ears so we’ve had are share of ear infections and by now I know when something is not right. The last time we had an issue with the tubes they stopped working and one got infected and we had to have them removed and 2nd round of tubes put in.  So when I couldn’t’ get her comfortable last night to wait for the pediatrician to open we took off to the ER.  So I’ve spent my morning with my poor little sick daughter, trying to keep comfortable and her “splatting” all morning.    The splatting is Lilly’s term for vomiting – don’t know where this came from but she’s called it that since about 2 1/2.  It actually sounds better than the other words we used to describe it.  So this afternoon we are off to the Dr.s to have her checked out again since 12 hours later we are still screaming about the ears and we haven’t kept anything down for over 12 hours!  Poor Little thing… So this Momma will celebrate her birthday next week!  


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