{ I’m a mommy blogger… }

{  I’m a mommy blogger…  }

Today’s topic is inspired by writers workshop over at Bloggy Moms

the go to place for mom bloggers!

I’m a  Mom first, and next I’m a Mommy Blogger, Mom blogger, A Mom that blogs,  Mom that has a blog – whatever way you spin it I’ma  Mom that blogs.  I blog about every day stuff from funny Mom moments, to the bad mom moments, to sharing a recipe or a craft idea, to whatever might be going on that day.  

Personally, I’m not offended if someone would call me a Mommy blogger?  I would take it as a compliment because I’m part of one the greatest communities online.  Where else can you learn about building a blog, the in/outs of social networking, html code, SEO, and much more! If I wasn’t blogging or if I didn’t have a website, I wouldn’t know what these terms meant either?  In fact, when I first started I didn’t know anything about a blog?  Being a Mom blogger, I get to educate myself daily on new things and the best part is I get to make new friends!  If you are a Mom who follow blogs or have thought about starting your own blog, I strongly encourage you to put yourself out there and join the blogging world!  The Mommy blogger world is made of a powerful group of women who have taken blogging to a whole new world.  

I love blogging and I wouldn’t change a thing about my blog except that I want to make it better every day!  


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