Halloween Window Clings

Here is a quick an easy Halloween project that you can have the kids help you with!  

Contact Paper – clear 

sponge paint brushes 
newspaper (to cover your workspace) – optional 

  1. Find your templates for your window clings.  I just googled for mine as bat clip art, witch clip art, etc.  I printed them off and used this as my template
  2. Once you have your template place it under your clear contact paper and trace your image with a magic marker.  

  1. Once you have your imaged traced you will need to take the sand paper and lightly rough up your image.  This will help the paint to stick to the contact paper.  
  2. Use your acrylic paint and paint away!  You will notice from the images once you have it traced you can paint outside the lines because you will be cutting your images out one they dry 
  3. Let your paint completely dry!! 
  4. Once dry you can cut your images out and then apply to your window!  
If you try this project or have another project you want to share link up below!  

Happy Crafting!! 


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