A little of this & that….

Happy Hump Day!  

… seriously, this post is a little of this and a little of that, I had a hard time giving this post a title?!  I think my creative mind has shut down on me?!  Uggh!

I can’t believe it’s Wednesday night already!  Geez, where do these weeks go!!  This week is seriously flying by so fast and I still have so much left to do!  This week my husband is traveling for work and is out in California, so it’s just been a girl week at my house…. wait it’s a girl week every week at our house! Haha!  

This week swimming lesson started up, back to school MWF, and then we have dance tomorrow night.  Friday, night we get to go pick Daddy up at the airport.  Lilly is so excited about going to the airport to pick him up.  I can remember as a kid going to airport to pick up grandparents and going right to the gate.  It was so amazing to the little eyes to see those big planes up close.   Now, thanks to the wonderful world we live in our kids will no longer get to experience this when they go to the airport.  Instead, they get to stand back in ticketing or baggage claim to wait pick someone up and if they are flying they get to go through a metal detector to board the plane.  Don’t get me wrong, we need this in todays world but its just a shame that some simple things have been taken away. 😉

With all my free time this week, (insert sarcasm here ;)) I’ve actually been really busy working on wrapping up my business plan, writing agreements, and developing pricing points for my new business venture.  It’s a lot of work and probably the hardest I’ve truly ever worked at something but they say that’s what being a small business owner is all about!  I’ve also spent a good amount of time behind the scenes on my website tweaking a few things and adding some new stuff to the website.  Along with all of that, I’ve also spent some time working on my Tastefully Simple Business – yes, I have a lot of stuff going on!  I’ve actually been selling Tastefully Simple for a while and it’s such an easy way to earn extra money!  So, now you know why my blog posts have been seriously lacking this week!  

I want to thank all of you for your keeping me laughing this week or inspring me with your creative projects!  When I’ve needed a break this week, I’ve spent that time catching up on my google reader.  I love being inspired by all the creativity that is out there in blogland~ Seriously, there are some talented blog authors out there!     

This week as I’ve been working on all this business stuff I found some cool freebie websites that you might want to take a look at!  I found this website called The Mogul Mom – wow does it have a lot of cool topics from SEO tips, to how to be successful at twitter, and much more! I could go on and on but I will let you check it out if you are interested.  Here is a page full of freebie sites she recommends – pretty cool stuff!! Check it out here

If you haven’t “like” The Preppy Strawberry on Facebook stop by and visit me here    I post a lot of cool ideas and deals that I find on other blogs or just around the web on facebook.  Things that I don’t necessarily blog about!  Leave me a comment and I will return the favor and “like” your facebook page if you have one for your blog as well.  

If you are not already following my business blog – you can follow me here at Lillian Aerin & Co Blog and don’t forget to “like” us on facebook!  I tend to post coupon codes on Facebook 😉 

Have a great rest of the week!! 


3 thoughts on “A little of this & that….

  1. Liz says:

    i remember when kate was about 20 months and i flew home for a wedding, craig and her met me in the airport and it brought tears to me eyes to see her see me and start to run to me.

  2. Kim says:

    Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I have given you the Versatile Blogging Award on my blog. A Versatile Blogger brings everything to the table: good writing, good stories, a little bit of this and a little bit of that. I hope you will accept my award by visiting my blog and "picking it up." Then you can pass it on to your favorite bloggers, too. It's a great way to find and share new blogs. Have a great day! Here is the link: http://kimmama.com/2010/09/17/seven-things-about-me/

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