Back 2 School

A look back — picture from last year at the start of preschool 3 

Tomorrow, we are back to school – Preschool 4 this year!  Amazing how fast pre-school is flying by me!  I was talking to a friend on the phone today and it hit me … This is her last year of Preschool!  OMG!  Where did the time go?  It feels like just yesterday, I enrolled her in daycare and those years flew right by and now she is in Preschool 4! 

So tomorrow, we start back on our schedule – yippee!  I’m actually excited about the fall and being back on a schedule and tomorrow it all begins!  I signed myself up for a 5:45 am spinning class! Yes, I said 5:45am – Nothing better than a good work out to kick start my day!  I’m not sure how my body will feel tomorrow night but I’m sure I will survive šŸ˜‰ . By the time I get home it will be time to start breakfast and get ready for school!   I’ve never taken a spinning class so wish me luck!  

Things I love about Fall 

  • Schedules – For some reason this year I really feel like I need to be on some kind of schedule 
  • change of season  – I love the leaves when they start to change 
  • warm sunny days and cool nights 
  • sitting by the fire with a glass of wine 
  • Halloween 
  • Going to HS football games 
  • Going to College Football Games 
  • Watching the OSU Buckeye games!  
What do you like about Fall?  

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