The sheets felt like sandpaper!

Mama's Losin' It

Last week I slacked and I didn’t link up with Mama Kat’s writers workshop but I’m back on track and linking up again!

This week’s writing prompt that I chose was
1.) It was a bad burn. Tell about the worst sunburn you ever received. How did that happen!?!

The first time I remember having a bad burn , I was 13 years old and I went to Florida for the first time to visit my grandparents.   I’ve always loved the sun and enjoy just grabbing a magazine, book, and my music and laying out!  My husband doesn’t understand this but I could seriously spend the whole day on a chair baking in the sun.  One good thing about my love for the sun is that I tan very easily.   In my teen years – sunscreen just wasn’t cool in my book!  Of course this was all before all they hype about sunscreen and SPF 20, 30, 50!  I’m not even sure if I remember sunscreen higher than SPF 15?  My first spring break trip to Florida, I was determined to come back to school and look like I slept on the beach.  I only had 7 days to obtain that golden glow – so why not try to get it on the 1st day you are at the beach!  Yes, I was a stupid teenager and well let’s just say I had a glow about me but I wouldn’t call it a golden glow.  I had more of that shiny red glow to my body!  Even the cold sheets felt like sand paper on my body!  So, I spent the next day out of the sun by my grandmothers’s strict orders.  Let’s just say she was a little pissed at me!  Which now being a mother I can totally  understand why!  I did learn my lesson because I had to sit inside while my cousin and my sister enjoyed the day at the beach!  Me, I had to sit inside or on the porch with cold towels on my legs!  I have pictures of me and I just recently found them but as I’m posting this I have no idea where they are at or I would scan a picture of me sitting with towels on my legs!  It was awful!  I’m such a huge fan of sunscreen and I make sure that we put it on at least 30 min before we leave the house and we reapply once we are the pool.  I still love sun oil….. There is just something about the smell of coconut and fruit in the sun oil that just screams summer to me!  I still have to just put a little on at times just for the smell!  


4 thoughts on “The sheets felt like sandpaper!

  1. Jackie Park-Cross says:

    I remember using the Tropicana suntan oil with an SPF of like 2 or 4… like that was going to do much! But I agree, the smell is wonderful and is such a reminder of summer and for me all the good times I had as a teenager.

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