I’m still alive!

Yes, I’m still alive!  Did you ever just have one of those weeks that just never ended up going as planned?  Well that was my week last week!  My week was supposed to include a week of Mommy mornings!  Meaning, I had 3 hours of free time while Lilly went to Vacation Bible School.  Here is how my week played out… 

Monday– started off on a good note!  
I won the cake cricut from Martha Stewart!  I entered this giveaway last minute and never thought I would win and then I see my name up on facebook the next morning!  Woo hoo!  

I also started the 31 days to building a better blog challenge!  So far this has been an awesome experience!  I’ve met a lot of new bloggers and have learned a lot in just 7 days!    


I received a phone call that my daughter won a scholarship to the hearing and speech center for her speech therapy sessions!  Woo hoo!  We applied last year but she was not selected and well that was okay.  This year they went ahead and resubmitted her application and she was 1 of 3 recipients for the award!  Lilly has been in speech therapy since she was two years old after a long battle of ear infections.  She had fluid that built up in her ears causing her not to hear which put her significantly behind her speech development.  After, 2 rounds of tubes and adenoids removed she doesn’t even sound like the same kid!  She is  chatter box and full of big words!  I swear the bigs words come from all of the Fancy Nancy books that we read.  She has come such a long way from 2 years old and she wasn’t saying but 5 words!  I’m so happy that she will continue with the program and with one less expense for Mom and Dad this year!  

My husband got a promotion at work! Woo Hoo!  I’m not sure of all the details but I’m sure we will find out more this week!  

Friday – 
Just was crazy!  I don’t even know where the day went!  

ran errands in the heat and wanted die when I got home!  My patience were shot from shopping with a 4 year old!  Need I say more!  

Sunday – 
Lilly and I went to church came home to organize and get ready for the garage sale next month.  So, I had my husband pull down all the baby clothes and accessories in the attic.  We are down to the last few boxes and BOOM!  Now, I thought my tubs had shifted that I stacked in the bedroom but No!  The board moved my husband was standing on and his FOOT went through the ceiling in our hallway!  Yes, it was a Clark Griswold Christmas vacation move except only his foot busted out!  Thank god he did not fall through or it would have been a 911 phone call!  

A quick phone call to a buddy and few trips to Home Depot and the new drywall is up!  Now he just needs to tape it and paint the ceiling.  Uggh!  A project that was definitely not on my list!  

All I wanted to do today was work on my #31DBBB tasks but instead I spend the last 6 hours organizing my upstairs and dealing with drywall dust all over my house!  

Going to put this week behind me and start fresh tomorrow!  😉


4 thoughts on “I’m still alive!

  1. Ruth says:

    Congrats to the hubsband on his promotion. Sorry about the ceiling though. But at least you were able to fix it yourselves.Here is to a better week.

  2. Dawnll says:

    Oh my goodness I am still laughing at the Griswold reference! Thought I was the only one that thinks my family antics fir that.Congratulations all the good things outweigh the badTomorrow is a new week thank God!

  3. Amy_ThePreppyStrawberry says:

    Thank you! When it happened all I could think about was Clark Griswold coming through the attic and standing on the bunk beds! At least it was just a foot but it was bad enough the way it happened that the whole section had to replaced! Oh well the rest of the week was awesome! Thanks for stopping by! 😉

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