Writer’s Workshop: Bucket List ~ Part 2

Mama's Losin' It

This was supposed to be my Friday post but I got  side tracked with another project yesterday.  So here it goes Part 2 of my bucket list.  

Part 2 

*again the list is in no specific order* 

21.  Have a housekeep come at least twice a month.  (a little help with the floors and bathrooms would be fabulous!)
22.  Take a photography class again – a refresher!
23.  Wear a bikini again
24.  Learn to knit and or crochet – i know a little crochet but would love to learn to knit
25.  Attend a blog conferences in 2011 – I have a few in mind I would love to go to!
26.  read at least 25 books a year – maybe more once my daughter gets older!
27.  spend at least a week at the lake in the summer – maybe more!
28.  put together a family scrapbook – my goal would be to do one each year.  Right now, I’m about 4 years behind!  
29.  write a book- I started one about 7 years ago.  Maybe I need to dig that file out! 😉
30.  send Lilly to college with no student loans
31.  learn to sew – i can “craft sew” but i want to really learn how to sew!! 
32.  have financial security even when the times are bad
33.  go on a work project or volunteer for red cross 
34.  teach Sunday school class    I just was voted Preschool Coordinator for our church. So I am the new preschool Sunday school teacher! 
35. Take a family vacation – a family reunion vacation
36.  write  a children’s book with Lilly 
37.  plant a vegetable garden every spring
38.  plant a hydrangea plant in my flower garden- i love hydrangea’s! 
39.  got to Hawaii – i know one of my 50 but seriously, i need a beach vacation! like yesterday! 
40.  take Lilly to NYC or Chicago to the American Girl store and have lunch in the cafe

Now, onto my next 40! 


2 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop: Bucket List ~ Part 2

  1. Liz says:

    I love that you broke it up! it was exhausting to read all those 100 lists! 🙂 in a couple years, we're going to fly the girls to chicago to do the american girl store, too! and i want to learn to crochet AND go to a conference in 2011.

  2. Amy_ThePreppyStrawberry says:

    I figured I would give myself and myreaders a little of break.  Plus, 100 things was a lot of things tothink about!  I love the American Girl Store!  When I used to travel toChicago for work I stop at AG for my little sister.  I love that cafethey have upstairs!  I definitely, want to attend a few conferences next year!  After seeingall those pictures from the events, I'm so jealous!  I want to bethere!  haha!  Now, I just need to plan and save better for 2011! 

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