Today is my Blogiversary!

Today, is my one year anniversary of my first post!  A year ago, I had no idea what I was doing when I made my first post.  I mean I was clueless!  Over the past year, I have found so many creative blogs that have helped me grow.  From reading your daily posts, to your tutorials on everything from technology to craft projects – A huge thank you for sharing all of your creative ideas and knowledge with me!  

This past year has been amazing and I’ve definitely come along way!  I want to thank all of my followers for taking the time every day to read my blog,  leave me comment love, send me blog awards, and giving me shout outs on your blogs!  Thank you~ Thank you!    

The friendships I have formed this past year have been amazing and hopefully one day we can meet in person at a blog conference!  I’m saving my pennies to hopefully make it to a few in 2011!  

In the next few weeks watch for some changes ….. I have some ideas in the work!  

Please take a moment to vote for me over at Top Mommy Blogs!  All you have to do is click on the button below.  It’s that easy!  

If you are listed on Top Mommy Blogs let me know and I will return the favor and vote for your blog!  

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