Weekend Recap

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend!  We had a fun filled weekend filled with plenty of pool time, cook outs, parade, and fireworks!  It’s so hard to believe today is Tuesday and tomorrow is Wednesday! Who knew the week could escape us this quick!  I had this post started yesterday and then household stuff took over!  We had a little bathroom disaster  in our main bathroom on the 2nd floor!  Oh well at least it wasn’t a major disaster but enough to turn my day upside down today!  

Here are some pictures to recap our weekend.  

I’m working on few new projects this week and I’m also getting ready for an open house next week!  No, I’m not selling my house at least not yet!  I’m having a Tastefully Simple open house next week~ I  sold Tastefully Simple a few years back and then about 2 years ago I had to quit.  My last job (you know the craptastic one that let me go) had me traveling all over god’s creation!  It made it so hard to  keep up with the family, work, and then Tastefully Simple.  But now,  I have a little extra time so I’m back selling!  So if you need to re-order anything shoot me an email!  So next week, I’m hosting a girls night out to try lots of new summer drink buckets!  I love girls night outs!  

A little shout out to Alicia over at A Beautiful Mess for her homemade chalk tutorial!  We made the stars below – Lilly thought it was so cool that she made them.  Check out her tutorial here.  

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