My 10 things that make me Smile

For the past few weeks, I’ve read Liz’s posts over at A Belle, a bean, and a Chicago dog about Mama Kat’s writers workshop.   I’ve really enjoyed reading her writer workshop posts and today, I’ve decided to link up with Mama Kat’s writers workshop.  

I feel like I need to provide better content to my blog and start to add some personal information about myself.  We all have those days when we just can’t think about what to write?  Well,  I know I have days like this and I just can’t think of anything that might be post worthy.  As, my readers you know that I love to craft, I love sewing projects, kids craft projects  because I post about all of these fun ideas.  Yes, to me Joann’s, Michaels, and Hobby Lobby make me smile and I feel like a big kid in a candy store.  But, I do not want to make my blog completely about my love for craft projects, furniture make overs, and cooking/recipe sharing.  Really, there is a lot more to me than the fact that my house is over flowing with craft projects 365/24/7!    A big thanks to my husband who puts up with my crafting but we are even because I put with up all the video games ! {wink wink}

So, here it goes my 1st writers workshop. 

Today, I picked prompt #3 

3.) Write a list of 10 things that are sure to put a smile on your face when you are not happy.

My list…. 

10.)  A perfect day at the beach, hearing the waves crash and having the nice warm sun beating down on me.  
9.)   Watching Lilly master a new task….. swimming watching her jump in on her own and immediately look up to the window to see if  I’m watching. 
8.)  the random “I love you Mom” when you don’t expect them.  This immediately will put a smile on my face.  
7.)   Decorating for Christmas or a Birthday party!  I love getting the house ready for the holidays and then to hear my brother come home from college and tell me that my house just smells like Christmas!  
6.)  Enjoying a sushi dinner along with some drinks with my husband. 
5.)  picking Lilly up at daycare and having her run to me at the end of long day and tell me that she missed me.
4.)  sitting on my patio on a nice cool night around the fire with good friends, myself, or just my husband.  I love sitting around the fire
3.)  hearing you are beautiful – even if i just woke up, haven’t showered because well you know that happens some days when I’m cleaning, running from place to place, etc!  
2.)  reading a book with out any interruption 
1.)  seeing my family at the end of hard day and knowing that no matter what happens we still all love each other unconditionally!  


18 thoughts on “My 10 things that make me Smile

  1. Liz says:

    I think it's so great that you joined in!! I loved your list. I love me some sushi, too! And I would love for my home to have a "christmas time" smell.

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