Rock Painting: 101

Rock Painting 101:  This by far is the easiest and super cheap craft project for any kid!  My daughter must have spent 2 hours in this project and wanted little help from me.  She washed the rocks and dried the rocks to get them ready to paint all by herself.  All, I had to do was cover the table and open up the paint!  Super Easy and she had a  blast!  This craft pretty much cost next to nothing because the rocks were FREE and the paint was the same paint we used from the bird houses last weekend.  

Rock Bath 
Scrubbing the Rocks – as she said Really Really Good!  
All CLEAN!!  

2 thoughts on “Rock Painting: 101

  1. alicia rasmussen says:

    You look pretty fun and crafty over there. Great activity for the day. As for the chalk question, we started with regular and then used gel which worked better. Not like the Wilton red, which I'm sure would produce way more vibrant color. The gels seemed to be better, but when we used them on the sidewalk they were a little more pastel than I wanted. I would recommend the wilton for good color. I also heard that tempura paint (?) works. So glad you tried it.

  2. Amy_ThePreppyStrawberry says:

    I think I just have an issue with coloring anything red! I have the same issues with when I color icing! I think I just need to take a class! šŸ˜‰ Tried the paint – good idea! I think I like the paint better only because it will wash out easier than the food coloring. But they both worked and she loved the fact she made chalk! So it was a fun project! Thanks for sharing!

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