How-To: Aluminum Can Flower Pots

I saw this idea featured over at Craftzine the other day and I thought it was the cutest idea!  Click here for step by step instructions.  I’ve been a follower of Marie over at Makes and Takes for sometime and I just love her ideas!  If you haven’t stopped by Makes and Takes hop on over she has some fun projects!    

My version of the flower pots was a little different because my daughter wanted to plant seeds so now we wait for them to grow!  

Keeping my fingers crossed they grow for her sake!  For me, this was just a fun activity to keep her busy and to finally plant those seeds she’s been asking about since Mother’s Day!  


8 thoughts on “How-To: Aluminum Can Flower Pots

  1. Amy_ThePreppyStrawberry says:

    Thanks ~ She had a blast planting her little flower pot garden! Your weekend looked like a blast! I love hanging out on boats and the water. My dad had a lake house when we were younger so we lived the weekends on the boat and jet skii's- so much fun!!

  2. Aimee says:

    Very cool idea, I found your blog in the Follow Me Back Tuesday Listing and I was just stopping by to let you know I am following you and look forward to reading more of your blogs — Aimee

  3. Amy_ThePreppyStrawberry says:

    Thanks for stopping by and following me! Send me your blog link so I can stop by and visit you! I couldn't find your link on FMBT site. Thanks!! 😉 P.S. I love the way you spell you name! I always wanted to change mine from Amy

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