Rainy Day Project ~ Bird Houses

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In preparing, for what was supposed to be a rainy Saturday Lilly and I hit up our local Joann’s for a craft project.  She has been talking about these birdhouses since she saw them a few weeks ago.  The weatherman told us it was supposed to rain from Saturday afternoon- Sunday night.  With that ugly forecast ahead of us,  I promised her we would do a “craft” this weekend.   Her craft of choice – Birdhouse!   

But since the weatherman was wrong and it was just plain old HOT and Sunny all weekend!  We hit up the pool and Yes, painted our bird houses.  So there goes my rainy day craft project because my 4 year old couldn’t wait to paint her birdhouse!  How was I going to try and reason with her that we need to save this project for a rainy day?!  She had such a blast painting her bird house.  It was such an easy project and it was fun to watch her creativity at work.  All I had to do was set her up a little craft station and open the paint.  Once she was set up she just went to town painting her birdhouse.     

I found the birdhouses and paint at Joann’s so if you have a local Joann’s stop by and pick one up!  The birdhouses are only $1.00 and the paint was only a 1.00 so it was a $2.00 project!  

Ta Da!  
The finished Product! 

Happy Monday Everyone! 

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