Happy Father’s Day!

I saw this post earlier in the week on Oopsey Daisy and thought it was so cute.  It wasn’t until Thursday night that my husband randomly said to me  “Did you know M&M’s now have pretzel M&M’s?  I go yes, Lilly and I got a free sample bag 😉  LOL.  His response was what about me?  So Immediately, I thought about this cute post Oopsey Daisy had on her blog about making neckties out of a bag of M&M’s!  So, one small little gift idea was done!  Then Lilly and I stitched up a cute neck tie card for my husband and his gift was done!  This year we are not exchanging gifts only because this year has been a rough year for us with all of the job changes and loss of jobs so just little fun gifts!  He loved it! 

notice the blue on her face? Yes, she got the bag and ate blue M&M’s!  She was holding them in her hands so they melted and then got all over her face!  She was trying to hide that she was eating them?  So yes, M&M’s can melt in your hands! 😉 

Hope everyone has a great Father’s Day!  

Oh and Yes we are still having lasagna on this HOT SUMMER DAY!  I have it all made and it’s just waiting to bake in my oven.  Thank god for Central Air!!  Or he would have had to pick another dish for dinner! 😉  


3 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day!

  1. Alison says:

    Wow, I love that you made your bowties with the BIG bag of M&M's. It turned out so cute!! Thanks for giving me the link so I could see yours!! Adorable! Have a wonderful Father's Day!~Alison

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