Summer has arrived!

 Sidewalk chalk art   

Yesterday was Lilly’s last day of Camp for Session One .  When I picked her up at Camp you could smell the concession stand cooking – Fries!  I don’t know why the smell of fries reminds me of Summer but it does! Probably because it’s the start of fair season and the fact that when I was a kid I can remember getting fries and chocolate peanut butter ice cream from the pool concession stand!  Last night also kicked off Summer in our neighborhood.  We had our annual Strawberry Festival last night.  Another summer treat that screams summer – Strawberries!  The kids had a blast and Lilly made 2 new friends – we found 2 other 4 year old girls in the neighborhood!  yippee!!  Our development is about 210 homes so sometimes it’s hard to meet everyone.  Both families live really close to us so maybe a few new play dates for the summer.  

Lilly took on the “big sister” role last night with one of my friends little boy.  His Dad was working the table and his Mommy was at home with the older brother and feeding the newborn and Lilly just took right over!  Amazing how kids know that they need to look out for the younger kids!  So sweet!  

Now I’m off to plan Father’s Day Dinner!  I asked my husband what he wanted he goes homemade Lasagna and garlic bread.  Hmmm….. really in the middle of summer?  I think of that menu as a great fall dinner!  So, I asked again this morning and he confirmed it again!  Oh well, guess it is his day right?  


2 thoughts on “Summer has arrived!

  1. Mommy Gator says:

    Cute post!! Fries remind me of summer too! I love fresh cut fair fries!! YUMMM! And I can remember summer vacations when I would eat so much Chocolate PB Ice Cream, I forget who makes the good one but there was one with TONS of PB Ripples through it and I LOVED IT! I hope you guys have a good weekend and a great Father's Day!! šŸ™‚

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