Summer Camp Day #2

This week was Lilly’s first week at Summer Camp at our local YMCA.  Day 1, or should I say night 1?  Night number 1 -she was so excited she couldn’t fall to sleep!  It was after 11:00 before she was finally sleeping!  When she wouldn’t fall to sleep I said why? She said I’m ready to go to Camp! First thing, I thought of when she said that was the old Disney commercial that was on a few years back.  Remember the little boy saying I’m too excited I can’t sleep! 

Day 1 Check in at Camp – she was taken it all in like a big girl and then she got all shy and hung right on my leg.  At this point, I didn’t want tears so I took a quick look around the 4 year olds found 2 girls wearing pink shirts just like her.  I sat her down right in the middle of them and said my good bye.  At check out she was swimming and was having a blast!  So Day 1 was a success!  

Day #2 – check in went more like this – Lilly:  I will put on my band on my leg all by myself.  Me: okay, you put it on and I will tie your shoe for you.  After the band was on she goes – okay bye Mom.  One of my friends was there dropping offer little boy and Lilly goes – go find Sharon.  I looked and there went my little baby off to play on the playground until camp started.  How do they grow up so fast?!  Well, my Mommy break is coming to an end and I have to get ready to leave to head back to the YMCA for pick up!  

Have a great day everyone!  


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