This afternoon I took advantage of my husband being home and me being able to go out by myself.  So, I ran up to the mall to check out a few sales.  As I’m walking into one of the main entrances, this woman probably mid 40’s was helping out an elderly woman.  As we met the woman in her 40’s literally just spit out a piece of gum on the ground!!!  I couldn’t believe what I just saw!  As I got closer it was confirmed that she did just spit out her gum because there on the pavement was her fluorescent green gum!  Not only is that gross but now that gum is just sitting on the hot pavement waiting for someone to step in it!  Here we have someone in there 40’s with zero manners- guess that answers what’s wrong with kids today!  No one takes the time to teach manners anymore- so sad!  My husband and I both are big about the manners and making sure our daughter uses them.  Please, thank you , yes, please, no thank you.   I had to bite my tongue not to say anything this afternoon and the woman wasn’t someone I would typically pick out that would just spit gum out like that!  Ewww!!!  What is this world coming to! 

6 thoughts on “Manners

  1. DigiMom says:

    It's hard to believe someone would do that…yuck!!! Manners are so important.Great blog! I'm now following you from MBC. :)

  2. Yolie says:

    OMG, how disgusting. If that lady (and I'm being generous in using the word lady) just spits her gum out in public like that where everyone can see… imagine the gross stuff she does when nobody is around. She's the type that you wouldn't ever want to walk into a bathroom stall after she's just walked out. It's people like her that pee on the seat! Just gross.Glad to hear you are big on manners. So am I.**Yolie

  3. Maryanne says:

    I'm glad you've made this post because I'm constantly saying the same thing! A lot of people ask what is "wrong" with kids today and sadly all they have to do is look around them. That gum is so gross. Yuck! Following you back though. Love your writing! 🙂

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