Blogger, WordPress, Or ???

So my question to all of my readers – do you use Blogger, WordPress, or do you have your own hosting site for your blog?  Lately, Blogger seems to be getting some bad press and people are logging in to find their whole blog deleted!  A few weeks ago, I went to a social media and networking seminar and the leader strongly recommended wordpress to everyone?  What do you use?  Any recommendations?  I’m thinking about switching but figured I would take some feed back and recommendations from my readers first!  

Let me know what you think!  I would hate to log in one day to find that blogger deleted by blog because they thought it might possible be a SPAM?  


5 thoughts on “Blogger, WordPress, Or ???

  1. Liz says:

    I switched just over a month ago, and I LOVE WP! Not only is it easier to use and has so many more options, I no longer fear my blog disappearing nor trying to find tech support or any of that!

  2. Marvelous Mommy says:

    I use Blogger but I plan to switch to WordPress when I hit 1,000 followers! I tried switching once but it was way to complicated and I ended up finding a blogger theme that I liked. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Following you back!

  3. Sofia says:

    I started with blogger for a week, just to get my feet wet but decided to move to wordpress as quickly as possible. I use .org not .com so all I know about is .org. It takes getting used to because blogger is very user-friendly but when you get the hang of wordpress, most likely you'll fall in love!

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