Birthday Week!

 Happy Birthday Daddy! 

Today is my husbands birthday – Happy Birthday!  This first week in June is full of Birthdays at our house!! 

June 1st – my husbands
June 4th – my Aunts
June 5th – Uncle Brian’s
June 6th – Lilly’s and Aunt Heather’s!  Yes, my daughter was born on my sisters birthday!! 

My daughter and my sister share the same birthday of June 6th.  My daughter is the lucky one of having the birthday of 06-06-06!!  It was a very strange day – not only do my sister and Lilly share a birthday but they both were taken to the NICU 1 hour after birth and remained in the NICU for 15 days with almost identical breathing issues!  How strange is that?!  I hope the birthday numbers don’t have anything to do with that craziness!! 

Stay tuned I will have lots of pictures to share with my birthday’s this week!  


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