Happy Monday!

Happy Monday Everyone!  

The Monday work day is officially behind us at least for us in the EST time zone.  My apologies for my lack of posting the past few days!  Honestly, where did the month of May go?  I’ve been busy working on some new products for Lillian Aerin & Co., a new small business idea, and well finally after 7 months I’m going to get my hearing for my unemployment issue!   So right now my mind is going in a million different places and I’m just trying to get through the next few days until this hearing is over!  I’ve waited 7 months for this hearing and now the big day is Wed. morning.  I”m really not looking forward to this at all but I have to do it!  After the hearing, I will go into more detail as to what happened with my previous employer and why this really has pushed me to look at running my own small business!  With all of that going on I’m still planning on getting this ready for Lilly’s Birthday!   

So that’s what I’ve been up to the past few days and now just need to get through Wednesday!  I can’t wait until  5/26/10 at 10:20 because by then I can hopefully put this all behind me!  I can’t stand shady people – seriously, how do they get through life?  Or better yet how do the sleep at night?  

Hope everyone has a great week and I will be around this week!  


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