17 days and counting…….


I took Lilly this morning to get some pictures for her invitations.  Why is it now that we approach 4 all I can get is that silly smile or smirk?  Hopefully, I can find one in the bunch I took that I can use for the invitation!  

17 days until Lilly’s 4th Birthday Party!  This year she wants a Mermaid, Ariel, Under the Sea Party Theme so far so good on collecting a lot of the party decorations from the local dollar store!  Over the next couple of weeks, I will post about what I am doing in preparation for the big day.  I tend to go a little over board with Birthday’s!  It was funny last night, I was watching of course on DVR the Tori and Dean Reality show.  I love watching this show and I like her for some reason.  I don’t know if it’s because I remember watching 90210 or the fact we have young kids and I can relate to a lot of the show, or if its’ my love as well to plan parties.  Last night, I’m watching it and my husband came in the room of course with a few sarcastic remarks about my show but he started laughing and goes Gee, who does this sound like?!  Yes, me of course and what I am referring to is what Tori was doing – she made these adorable party favors for Liam’s friends at school.  I saw her idea of the hummus in the small terra cotta pots in the Family Fun magazine about a year ago.  Of course, I cut that article out and put it in my craft/party To Do folder.  Anyways, Dean thought it was over the top – blah blah.  See my husband is like Dean and thinks that a party is just cake and some presents – me no I have to have a whole theme and take it that next step.  Oh well, like Tori said – it’s her hobby well it’s my hobby too and I enjoy it!  So get ready for some Birthday posts!  
To get started last weekend I picked up the Aerial plates and napkins.  I only do the character plates for the kids so it keeps the cost some what lower.   While in the party store I was looking for a piñata – they wanted 19-24.00 for a one!  YIKES!  And to top it off it was UGLY!  So my first Birthday project is to make the piñata!  I just finished the last coat of paper mache and it should be finished tomorrow so we can work on decorating it.  
Weekend project #1:  I want to create an Aerial Photo booth – so the kids can stand and get there picture taken as Aerial.  I have asked my husband to help me with this ………..pray for me this weekend!  I’m going to take a lot of mumbling and under the breath talking from him about why I want this?!  Haha!  It’s all good and plus its not for me it’s for Lilly 😉   
Here are some pictures to the start of my homemade piñata!  I made one at Halloween for Lilly’s class and it turned out so cute!  

Here’s what I started with my $1.00 balloon from the dollar store.

1st coat of paper mache drying 


3rd and final layer outside drying.  

More updates to come 😉 


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