Wednesday Meltdown

Have you ever been out in public and your toddler decides to all of the sudden throw a temper tantrum out of the blue!!  I mean I’m talking full blown meltdown!  Well, right now my daughter is upstairs screaming because – well I don’t know why?  We were at the library for story time and she decided today she wasn’t going to sit and listen she wanted to walk around and talk and be silly.  So after (3) warnings we left ….. and we left kicking and screaming and for the first time screaming at me “DON’T YOU TOUCH ME”  “I don’t like you”  … I know this will not be the first time I hear those words over the next 20 years but in the Library!  I mean it’s quiet to begin with and now a screaming toddler!  Then you feel like everyone EYES are on you and judging you as a parent!  My daughter is about 2 weeks away from turning 4 and she looks like she is 5 or 6 because she is so tall. Which makes it worse because now it looks like my 5 year old is a brat when really she’s not even 4 yet!  So, I wrestle with her to get her to the car and buckled into her booster seat.  We live 2 miles from the library so, I call my husband and tell him to meet me outside to get her out of the car.  Now she’s screaming at my “DON’T YOU CALL MY DAD”!  She screamed the whole way home & decides to take off her crocs <—she threw the one at me! Seriously, what happened?  She woke up fine and had a good appointment this morning at the speech center and then it was a complete meltdown!  She hasn’t had one of these meltdowns in at least a year so maybe it was just the breaking point …. Now it’s after 11:00 AM and this went on for an hour.  She has finally stopped crying and is now laying in her bed.  I’m hoping that she naps until 2:00.  Maybe that’s what she needs?  I want my Lilly back?  Someone want to return me my sweet, helpful, caring little girl?  If you find her let me know!  

I hope we have a better afternoon! Keeping my fingers crossed! 


5 thoughts on “Wednesday Meltdown

  1. Danielle says:

    Oh my goodness, you poor embarassed thing! The way you wrote it made me CRACK UP though 🙂 Ahh, the joys of parenthood. I haven't even begun.

  2. Amy says:

    It was more embarrassing to me than anything. Then to top it off, I had to go back to the library to take in the bag of movies she wanted to rent. Of course the librarian remembered me… why wouldn't she I just left there an hour ago with a screaming kid! So this library trip resulted in ZERO BOOKS and ZERO MOVIES. It was a rough day! 😉

  3. Dawn says:

    I am finally getting caught up with the social parade and wanted to thank you for following. I felt so bad for you and your screaming child, think about how many times you have seen another parent in the same situation and what you thought at that moment. I learned the hard way and just hope no one judged me terribly. Just think you have the teenage years to look forward to…lol

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