Weekend Recap

Let the weekend Fun begin!  

This weekend Lilly and I took a little road trip to Columbus.  We had such a good time!  We spent the weekend with my sister and her family.  Saturday, Lilly was invited to a birthday party for one of my sorority sisters kids 3rd birthday.  Sunday, we went to Church and then headed back to my sisters for a cook out before we headed home.     

Then today, Daddy through us for a loop and took the day off!  So we took a little road trip this morning to Cleveland for lunch and to stop at the outlets to return a pair of Crocs for Lilly.  Too bad today RAINED all day or it would have been a perfect day at the outlets!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!!!  

My tee ball star!  Notice the bracelets she is wearing.. ..Yes Jelly bracelets are back!  

New pair of sparkle shoes – how cute are these?  Lilly called them her Fancy Nancy Shoes!  

This is the best entertainment around town!  They bounced in this for hours!  

Lilly in line with her cousin ordering her egg /cheese wrap all by herself!  She was so proud!  
This lady wouldn’t move in my picture….. Seriously, she had to dig through the coffee shelf just as I wanted to catch the moment of my daughter place her 1st order by herself!?!   I wanted to scream hey lady move!  But I’m way too nice and would never do that but in my head I was saying it! 😉 LOL 

Kite Flying – the girls had a blast!  Amazing how much fun 1.99 will buy!  


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