Friday Road Trip

Here’s how my day went ….. 
11:30 – I go run errands 
12:30 – back home  and start packing our bags for the weekend.  
1:15 – ready to go.  Oh wait my husband now needs me to bring his laptop up to the office.  Seriously?  
2:00 – stop at my Moms to pick up a bag of stuff to take to my sisters 
2:15 – now finally getting Lilly lunch .. Oh and Daddy texts and says he needs lunch dropped off along with the laptop.  
2:30 – realize while driving lunch around that I forgot my camera card!  So I’m 10 min from home or just buy a new one.  – Run back home. 
Lilly now is in the back seat asking “Are we there yet”???  Now, we sill have a 2 -1/2 hour drive ahead of us and we are still in town?  I should have counted how many times she asked me that during the drive but a few times I just tried to ignore it hoping i would stop.  
3:00 FINALLY on the road – YIPPEE
3:45 – hit bumper to bumper traffic and takes me 25 min to go 8 miles!  Arghh!! 
4:15- back moving along again. 
Lilly falls asleep- perfect time for a cat nap!  And she needs a nap – going to be a long night! 
-An hour later we hit another traffic jam!  Now only 25 min to the exit but we sit/crawl for 30 min! During which Lilly now wakes up and says ” I have to go Potty” .  Just my luck, I can’t even get out of the car and let her go on the side of the road because I’m by myself.  So I ask , can you wait until I can get off the next exit?  25-30 min pass I get to the exit – i go do you need me to get off she goes , no I would rather use Aunt Heather’s potty!  That’s my girl!  So we bust a move on the next 25 min and surprising we arrive with no accident!!  
So instead of arriving at 530 we arrive at 630 but we made it and safely! 

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