Market Mommies

If you are a Mommy business owner or a  Mommy blogger you have to check out Market Mommies!  This week I participated in Tuesday Twitter link up and today I am part of the Blog Hop!  This site is such a great site for Moms to network with other Moms and promote their businesses. 

Below is more information about Market Mommies that I took from their about you page.   Take a second and stop by and check them out!  

If you are interested in participated in the blog hop go here and sign your blog up!  

About Market Mommies

There are moms all over this country trying to start a business, or grow a business.  Many out of the basements or spare bedrooms in their houses.  They don’t have the resources or know how to support their business through marketing.  Most of the time, they rely on word of mouth.  

I’m a mom that has always wanted to start a business.  I am in awe of women who juggle all their family commitments with the work that it takes to start a business.  Using my background in marketing, public relations and journalism, I believe I can help these moms take their business to the next level.  Marketmommies will connect moms in business with moms who need their services and products.

Happy Shopping!

Toni Bloomfield


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