Public Library Programs

I’ve found some great FREE seminars at my local library that I’m going to attend this month.  I actually found them by mistake when I was looking for preschool activities for my daughter.  Here is a link to the public libraries website or check out your local library and see what they have available. 

Next Monday, I’m going to attend the Small Business Seminar.   This event is open to anyone thinking or who has a small business and is looking for new ideas This seminar will address important topics for those considering developing a business: the business plan, the marketing plan, the financial aspects of starting a new business, and technology for your business.  

 The second seminar I’m going to is on Social Media for Small Business!  The past few months I’ve been reading books about social media and best ways to use them to promote your business, website, and or your blog!

If you are a new follower I also have an online business Lillian Aerin & Co. that I started about a year ago.   You can visit the Lillian Aerin & Co. blog  here.  I post coupons, and new product updates, along with ideas for bridal showers, baby shower and wedding reception themes.  I try to keep my “Mommy” blog about my love for crafts, family projects, cooking, recipe sharing and keep my Business blog for promoting my business.  So I promise, this blog is not about promoting Lillian Aerin. I just thought some of these seminars I found at my local library might be a resource for you to check out your local library!

I will definitely share any materials from the events with all of you!   So check out your library and see what they have going on!  This was pure luck I stumbled onto these two events!  


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