Container Gardening part 2

Before the grass hair cut 

I’ve been struggling the past few days with the start of a sinus infection – thank you Mr. Pollen!  Which means this week we’ve been taking it pretty easy!  A few weeks ago,  I posted about our 1st container garden.   It’s growing!  Yeah!!  Lilly even gave her ” grass eggs” a hair cut!  <–she was so excited to cut the grass!  Below are some new pictures.  

taken on 5/2 –see below how what it looks like on 5/5! 

taken 5/5 

looks like the grass might need another hair cut! 


9 thoughts on “Container Gardening part 2

  1. momstodolist says:

    Amy, great blog! Such cute ideas I will definitely be back. Thanks for visting my site and leaving a comment. I am struggling to establish my blog and appreciate any trafiic I can get! Franny

  2. Mommy Gator says:

    Love this idea! YOu do so many cute things, I will have to keep them all in mind for when my son gets a little older! Then we can carry on the tradition with baby #2!!

  3. Yolie says:

    Amy, thanks for the follow. I've been checking out your very cool ideas. I totaly LOVE this one! I don't have much of a green thumb, but this one is definitely one I am going to try. I just think it would be so cute to display this on a windowsill for everyone to see.**Yolie

  4. Lisa says:

    We have a window garden growing just like yours! I get so excited when i see little flower sprouts growing (Averi not so much). Great blog! Wandering in from MBC. 🙂

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