Weekend Pictures

This is the first time ever that I wanted a weekend to go by Super Fast! I’m supposed to get some big news this am! I really hate the unknown of what the outcome will be! There is so much riding on this good news and if it’s not the news I was hoping for then we have a lot of changes coming. So in order to keep busy this weekend and try not to focus all my thoughts on this phone call I watched 4 movies! This number does not include the movies I watched with my daughter. Along with my movie watching marathon we also went over to work on my Moms yard. My mom still lives in the house I grew up in and with that comes a huge yard for her to take care of! My sister and I both have moved out and have our own families now but my Mom still lives in our childhood home. Sunday afternoon, we took off to her house to cut the grass. As my husband and I worked on my yard Lilly made it her job to pick all the “pretty flowers” aka dandelions. Amazing how to a kid they are so pretty and to us an adults – we cringe when we see them in our yard and pay lots of money to keep them away. I caught her picking them and she was having such a blast and what an innocent kid moment! I had to snap a few shots – thank god for cameras on the cell phone! Pretty amazing that I took these pictures from my BlackBerry!

Keep your fingers crossed and I’m praying that the next time I post I can tell you my good news!!! 😉


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