WOW – Jan 28th?

I can’t believe it was Jan 28th the last time I posted anything! I think about my blog every day and I’m in my google reader blog hopping every day… So i have no excuse as to why I haven’t made a new post! This was my new years resolution to post something weekly if not daily. From this day forward, I promise! So, a little as to what’s been going on in my life the past few months. Sad, but true I’m still looking for the FT job =( ! I’ve never been more frustrated in my life with the job search! Keep your fingers crossed that one of these jobs I’ve recently interviewed for comes through this week! Besides looking for a job, my 3 1/2 year old keeps me busy each day! For those of you with kids you ….you will understand my next comment. Where do the days go? I can remember being single and laid off and I was completely bored!! This time I can’t tell you how many days/weeks just get by me and the last thing I can say is that I was bored! As many of you know I also started an online business Lillian Aerin & Co – this online boutique carries everything from personalized wedding favors, baby shower favors, unique kids items. If you haven’t stopped by the store please stop by and check us out! If all of the above doesn’t keep me busy, I also started a tutu line for girls – The Preppy Bee. Yesterday, I just went online with the tutu’s!! So exciting! Right, now I currently, only am selling the tutu’s in upscale children’s boutiques but decided to take it online. So Yesterday, I opened The Preppy Bee on Etsy. The tutu’s are all on sale and I will take custom requests so take advantage of my sale while I set up shop online! 😉 I will post more about the Etsy store in my next post. It’s funny, I read all of these wonderful blogs and some of these women are so creative and funny. I just hope one day soon that I have a lot of follows that I can inspire and make laugh each day! Thanks for stopping by! ~ Amy


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